135 Mother Tongues in Côte-des-Neiges / Notre Dame de Grâce, Montréal

Source:  French original story:  Journal de Montréal, News.  10 September 2012, p. 12.  English translation by Kathleen Moore.


A Montreal neighborhood that for most of Confederation was French and English, is now mostly foreign.  It took mass immigration only thirty years or so to change the face of this district.  The presence of a mass of foreign cultures displaces both the English and French Founding Peoples and our own cultures.

Government institutions in the region are devoted to preserving the immigrants’ cultures, not the cultures of the French and English-speaking Founders.

However, this despoiling of our heritage, this reduction of us on our own soil is precisely what Communist Pierre Elliott Trudeau had in mind in April of 1962, three years before he pretended to become a “Liberal”.  He then imposed his multi-ethnic tribal world in place of Canada.  It is not too late to take back the lawful Constitution, and reverse the process before we are annihilated.

When you have finished the present article, read my translation of Trudeau’s 1962 French article on that subject: “The New Treason of the Clerics“.


Cultural Diversity Is Honored

Côte-des-Neiges Celebrates

More than 10,000 people, of all ages and all nationalities, celebrated Montreal’s diversity at Kent Park and at Jean Brillant Park, yesterday, in the context of “Côte-des-Neiges Celebrates“.

QMI Agency

Some forty neighborhood community groups got together for the 10th year to put on varied programs.

“It’s back-to-school time, so many families, newly arrived in the neighborhood [immigrants], took advantage of the occasion to come and discover the community resources available to them, whether in terms of housing, or employability,” explained Vincent Thomas Hamelin, Coordinator of “Youth Board Côte-des-Neiges”.

An area of inflatable games was provided for the children, and Appleton Avenue had been closed to make room for bleachers and activities for adolescents.

On the scene at Kent Park, neighborhood groups stepped up to sing or dance.

Together in Harmony

Carolann Shea, in charge of programming for the celebration, emphasized the diversity of the neighborhood.

“When we speak of ethnic diversity, which includes as many students as as it does profes­sionals, it is nice to be able to gather all these folks together in a single day.  We hope that everybody will forge links.”

The leader of the official opposition [in Canadian parliament] and New Democratic Party member from Outremont, Thomas Mulcair 1, accompanied Catherine to the party for the sixth time.

Cycling Grand Prix

“This year, we can celebrate the neighborhood while watching the extraordinary cyclists who are passing by in front of Jean Brillant Park, where kids are playing.  It is amazing to see both together.”

Stationary bikes have even been installed in Jean Brillant Park so that citizens can share the Montreal Grand-Prix experience.

135 Mother Tongues

“All these people represent countless cultural communities, noted Mr. Mulcair.  In this neighbourhood, 135 different mother tongues are spoken at home.

“It’s an example of the cultural diversity of Quebec and Canada, and best of all is that everybody succeeds in understanding each other.”

The borough mayor of of Côte-des-Neiges/Notre-Dame-de-Gràce, Michael Applebaum, as well as Councillor Helen Fotopulos, were also at the party.

As for the Liberal member from Mount Royal, Pierre Arcand, he took advantage of the opportunity to thank the area residents for his re-election.

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1 Mulcair was recently in the Montreal news for the “socialist” (Soviet communist) language of his political party’s constitution, which foresees an end to private property.  The NDP is a full member of the Socialist International (SI) and influential on its Executive.  The mandate of the Socialist International, which organizes its member parties, is socialist world government.  The secession of Quebec is necessary to break up Canada in order to restructure it for world government.

As for the other guy, Michael Applebaum, he was arrested, charged, tried and found guilty of fraud on the job in elected office!  “Former Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum found guilty of corruption and fraud charges“.  Subhead:  “Michael Applebaum, the former shoe salesman and real estate agent who ascended to the highest political post of Canada’s second largest city in November 2012, promising to erase the municipality’s “stain” of corruption, now faces a maximum of five years in prison.”  And those two have been actively Sovietizing our Montreal neighborhoods for world government!  Congratulations to Quebec’s anti-corruption Police crime squad.  Nice catch!