The Immigrant Eraser Heads Are Here:                            Powered by the Charter

The Immigrant Eraser Heads are Here

The Immigrant Eraser Heads are Here:  Powered by the Charter

Numerous immigrant eraser-heads are seen here swearing allegiance in B.C. to the 1982 coup d’état which abolished the Parliament and legislatures of the Founding Peoples of Canada, leaving us with provisional government and disintegrating institutions.

Third-world eraser heads are becoming citizens of the “new” Canada, the one these mass-immigrated foreigners are being brought in to build, i.e., by recolonization.

Why the eraser heads?  The constituent peoples of Canada have been de­posed and dispossessed (our constitution being destroyed by Trudeau and the Left), but the immigrants are here to officially “rub us out”.

In other words, we are on a slope that some might call “the inclined plane”, and we are sliding fast toward oblivion with every Charter blow wielded by a new mass-immigrant against our now former rights and heritage. 

The “Equality” Fraud

They’re equal to us, or so we’ve been told.  Well, what is “equality”?  If you are “equal” to someone, can you force them to act contrary to their own in­clin­ations? Can you take away a chunk of their rights, and substitute some­thing of your own?  If you have the ability to suppress another group, another heritage, another ethnicity, another person, then you are not their “equal”, you are their superior.  You have supremacy over that other group or person.  Your heritage prevails over theirs.  The last word is yours.  Their rights are sup­pressed, while those you claim are advanced.  If you prevail, you dominate.  You are therefore not “equal”.  You are supreme.

Powered by the Charter, Baltej Singh Dhillon erased a Mountie’s hat and re­placed it with a Sikh turban.  How many types of ethnic religious headgear exist on earth?  The erasure of that one hat from our heritage is the pre­ce­dent and basis to erase all the rest.  If we let one go, we let them all go.

Baltej Singh Dhillon, Immigrant Eraser Head

Baltej Singh Dhillon, Eraser Head.  He claimed the power to replace a chunk of our culture with a chunk of his own.  That is not “equality”, that is supremacy.  Were out, he’s in.  And on and on it goes.  Eraser heads:  the new form of conquest.

What did we think would happen when we immigrated people who obvi­ously don’t fit here?  Did we think they were going to sit it out on the side­lines?  Or did we not realize they would eventually try to wedge their way in, on the way to taking us over to run our country their way.

Dissimilar immigration is a mistake.  It is our mistake, which is to say it was our mistake in not paying attention while our country was hijacked by a group of leftists in the 1960s who did this.

Former “Liberal” federal MP and world-government advocate, War­ren All­mand, some-time president of the World Federalists, in a retrospective on his career, bragged that “multiculturalism” was a “Liberal” “policy”.

It’s actually a Zionist “policy”.  In fact, it’s a constitution, a world constitution for the whole world minus Israel.  It comes from Zionist Horace Kallen.  He called it “polyethnic pluralism” or simply “pluralism”.  That’s what Soviet mole Pierre Elliott Trudeau called it in 1962.  That’s what Stalin and Lenin imposed on the white Russian and the Russian Slav majorities by decree on 15th No­vem­ber 1917 at the Bolshevik “Revolution” (war of aggression) :  they were deposed and dispossessed, and all of Russia’s minorities given “equal” status.  And by the way, the Reds called them “Russian supremacists”.  You can guess where the term “white supremacist” comes from.  It should also be noted that Canada did not have hundreds of foreign minorities here.  In order to harmonize Canada with the Soviet Union, hundreds of minorities (majorities from elsewhere) are being imported.  Along with the insult of “su­prem­a­cist”, and jail terms for “hate speech” if we resist our own extermination by this novel method.  In other words, they are jailing us for “complaining” about the effects of a coup d’état followed by an invasion.

Kallen wanted to impose it on the United States, and apparently that’s been done.  So that Canada under the Charter is being “harmonized” (de­na­tion­a­lized) for merger into a Communist region with the de­na­tion­a­lized Amer­i­cans.  (Wake up, the Parti Québécois is Communist.  They’ve been dis­mant­ling Canada for decades to finish the region.  You can pick up their Communist manifesto in English at that web site.)

The American system has been denigrated as a “melting pot”.  However, what does that mean?  It only means that if you immigrate at all (the Ja­pa­nese do not immigrate foreigners), you have to bring in similar im­mi­gra­tion to perpetuate yourself.  Otherwise, you, your culture, and your constitution, are eliminated by a rolling tide of foreigners who will have none of it.

Baltej Singh Dhillon penetrated our heritage to alter it by using the Charter.  On the other hand, the Charter is illegal. And again, we were asleep on the job when it was done to us.  Which does not change the fact that we are going to have to un-do it if we ourselves wish to survive in the nation founded for us.

We did confederation in 1867 precisely to prevent the different Founding Canadians from interfering with each other culturally.  Each constituent majority (each ethnic majority) had its own province and legislature confirmed for its own permanent self-government.  Which is the opposite of joint government or government by interference from others.

But now, since 1982 — and certainly prior by unlawful policy — the Founding Peoples are under assault by mass foreign immigration, and dissimilar immigrants demanding “reasonable” accommodation from us.  Which is tantamount to erasing Confederation.  And that is illegal.  There is nothing in the 1982 coup constitution to even remotely authorize rubbing out British North America, self-government and the Founding Canadians.