Canada should have the world’s first federated Aboriginal Legislature on the British Parliamentary Model

Canada should have an Aboriginal Legislature on the British Parliamentary model.

Canada should have an Aboriginal Legislature on the British Parliamentary model.

Prize-winning historian, Maurice Stockford Careless, at page 18 in Chapter 2 of his book Canada, A Story of Challenge, made this important observation:

“The Indians were never very numerous — supposedly only about 220,000 in all Canada at the time when Europeans first arrived. This sparse population was fairly well fixed in size by the Indians’ inability to feed many more mouths, despite the vastness of the continent.”

Indeed, that would be just enough aboriginals to hold a Canada rally in downtown Montreal; yet that is all that once existed — and was capable of existing — on the whole con­ti­nent. An interesting point which leads to a number of interesting new con­clu­sions.

The culture of the aboriginals before the “whites” arrived was not sufficient to maintain a population of more than 220,000 on the face of the Earth. Aboriginals on their own did not have the tools and techniques of the White newcomers; their natural population was therefore static, and without White technology, it would have remained that way.

However, today in Canada there are more than a million aboriginals. Which means that whatever negative impact the White arrival had for native peoples at that time, in the long run, White technologies have made it possible for aboriginals to multiply their numbers five-fold. This in turn will make it possible for aboriginals to develop a more substantial civilization, with an economy, trade, advanced art and science, and infra­struc­ture devel­opment.

In other words, 5 times as many aboriginals exist today in Canada thanks to White food production technologies and other White inno­va­tions, than the maximum that it was possible to support on the whole continent in the late prehistoric era on the basis of aboriginal techniques alone.

This fact may be somewhat startling, and even ironic, since the White population of the founders of Canada is now drastically in decline.

It should also give pause to both aboriginals and White people who have a knee-jerk tendency to run down White people as “oppressors” and “col­on­izers”. Because Canada’s Aboriginal peoples have overall benefited from their White experience. Their nomadic society would have confined them to miniscule populations, incapable of any significant political or tech­no­lo­gi­cal achievement. In borrowing from the White newcomers, the aboriginals may one day repopulate the continent.

Also with the coming of the White man, aboriginals acquired literacy, the ability to accumulate written records, even in their own new written lang­uages, including family and historical records, the ability to produce their own histories in the form of text books for their own children (this is done in Quebec’s Cree North), the ability to communicate instantly over long dis­tances. (Well, okay, there was the smoke signal.) They can therefore pre­serve many of their particular values which are not tied to the roving lifestyle, thus enhancing their ability to maintain their own core uniqueness.

The Aboriginal peoples are now on the rise whether they know it or not.

It would be ideal for them to take their place in Confederation, another White school of learning on how to raise up and govern a densely pop­u­lated culture and civilization.

The creation of an Aboriginal Province would allow the First Nations to exploit their numerical growth while giving themselves ethnic self-government. Their unique contribution to Canada would involve their own developing of our British parliamentary system, locally, to their liking.

They might also vote as a bloc in the federal elections if the notion of re­stor­ing the oneness of New France at the federal level is adopted, i.e., a French-Canadian federal ethnic vote, accompanied by a Britanno federal ethnic vote. Canadians who are not of any of these groups would vote sep­a­rately in the federal elections. Canada would thus have a truly ethnic fed­er­a­tion at the federal level to sustain our constituent voices, while gradually recovering our local ethnic provinces from the damage to self-government done by the illegal “policy” of multiculturalism.

Let’s convert the system of federal aboriginal “reserves” to a self-governing Parliamentary system, with expanded territory where necessary. A million is a good population for an Aboriginal Legislature, with its own “ethnic” districts composed of the various tribes of origin. Canada would have something special to be proud of: an Aboriginal Legislature on the British parliamentary model which conquered the world. It would be a model for the world.

Let’s break some old mental habits, on both sides, and get together and do this. Put it on the Moccasin Telegraph.