Free WordPress and Blogger Christmas Themes for the Founding Peoples of Canada

Noël Canada: Free WordPress and Blogger Themes

Noël Canada: Free WordPress and Blogger Themes

DOWNLOAD the WordPress Theme.

DOWNLOAD the Blogger Theme.

Free "Blue House" WordPress Theme for Christmas

Free “Blue House” WordPress Theme for Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Wondrous New Year to my fellow Constituent Peoples of Canada.  As my Christmas gift to Canada, you may download a FREE theme entirely made by me for your self-hosted WordPress blog, or your site.

The photograph of “The Blue House” was taken by me last year at Christmas on the street where I lived.  I then designed the blue theme to match the picture.

You can use your free WordPress theme with a self-hosted WordPress blog.  If you haven’t got one, you can search the net for “free wordpress hosting no ads”, and sign up and try out the free hosting.  Look for a host with an automatic WordPress installer.

Important Tip:  usually, free hosts require a minimum number of visitors every 30 days, or they delete your blog, so don’t forget to back up your Christmas Blog when the holiday season is over, or you may lose it.  There are lots of good free WordPress plugins to back your entire Blog up for free (database and images).

For a truly Christmassy Blog, try out this animated snowfall plugin, available at WordPress, or use the same one configured by me:

DOWNLOAD My Animated Snow Plugin for WordPress

Free "Blue House" Blogger Theme for Christmas

Free “Blue House” Blogger Theme for Christmas

As for, which is a Google product, there are lots of How-To’s online, including videos, to show you how to install your free Blogger template.  Your best option is to host all the images from my Blogger Christmas theme in an image host, and change the URL’s in the XML file, called “main.xml” before you upload the main.xml file to your Blogger site.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!  And let’s make 2017 the year we get Canada back, the way Confederation was meant to be.

Constitutionally  speaking.