Official Statement of Notice to All Leftist Genociders, from their targets, the Founding Peoples of Canada

The Sovereign National Parliament of the Founding Peoples of Canada:  The British North Americans, which includes the French Canadians

The Sovereign National Parliament of the Founding Peoples of Canada:
The British North Americans, which includes the French Canadians

A Word of Advice to “Race” Warriors:
Self-Government is the Real Issue, not “Race”

The issue of Race (which is a demographic indicator) is being used to bury the REAL issue of self-government (which is a legal right), thus preventing the urgent issue of self-government from being implemented in British North America, also known as Canada.

The mistake of fact which wrongly paints “Race” as the “real issue” is enabling vicious libel and harassment of people who just happen to be caucasian (“White”) by the cultural Marxists and assorted useful idiots.

This harassment is designed — as part of the campaign for world government — to destroy our self-government and our countries, and subject free peoples to the arbitrary dictates of others.

It is therefore, obviously, of paramount importance to clear up the misunderstanding in order to free self-governing peoples, who merely incidentally happen to be “White”, from the demoralizing unjust onslaught of the leftist agitators. 

Let’s begin with a little basic intro.

A Constitution and its Purpose

A constitution is a written or an unwritten instrument, or a combination of the two, designed to govern a particular group of people.  There is really no other purpose for a constitution.  You would not make a constitution for a pile of sand and rock occupied by seagulls.

And wherever you find people living together as a nation, unless they are a theocracy, you are likely to find a constitution which embodies their culture and their political needs as a people.

A constitution may be unitary (a country with a central government) or federal (a country with a number of “local” administrative territories each with its own government).  In a federal state there is usually also a shared central government.

The Constitution of Canada is the British North America Act of 1867 (“BNA Act” for short).  Most of it is written — including its major institutions; but some of it is unwritten, inherited through custom, practise or convention.  And these are the customs, practice and conventions of the founding peoples of Canada, not those of foreigners.  They belong to us, they are ours.

The BNA Act is federal.  It created Confederation, a framework for the self-government of a particular group of federated peoples.  It was not designed to govern the world.  It was not designed to give a seat to every race on earth in the Parliament and in the provinces.  Quite the contrary, it was designed to perpetuate the self-government and the local identity and culture of each of the founding PEOPLES of this country, who are not subject to replacement by others, or by supposed “equivalents” who come from elsewhere and learn to speak French or English.

For example, mass-importing 2 million theocratic Muslims into Quebec and teaching them to speak French with an Arabic accent does nothing to convert them into the heirs of Samuel de Champlain, Marguerite Bourgeoys and Jacques Cartier.

Each of the founding peoples of Canada, the groups which formed Confederation, took root in North America over hundreds of years through heavy-duty pioneering of our  civilization in a challenging wilderness.  There was no welfare; there were no snow ploughs.

However, initially, the roots of the founding peoples were in the British Isles or in France, from whence our institutions came, both legal and political.  And this, of course, with the natural modifications to suit our people and their new environment.  Therefore, these constitutions are for these people, they are for us, not for others.  They are our birthright, and inheritance.  They are designed for our  self-govenrment, not to support foreigners from endless other cultures.  So, if you have had the wrong impression from the leftist traitors who are hijacking our country, this ought to straighten it out.

Again, for the Marxist birdbrains, the fact that we are majority “White” is irrelevant; the fact that we are British North Americans, with our own self-government, is all that counts.

Confederation settled the argument!

Confederation settled the argument!
The French Canadians and the Britanno Canadians worked it out in 1867.  Canada is our country, we are sharing it; everyone but the Aboriginals, get out!

Like the Galapagos tortoise, removed from others of its kind by space and time, these new groups in North America (our ancestors) became unique in fact, and most certainly so in their own minds.  This is all the more obvious because these peoples and their cultures are tied to this land, they are not tied to the British Isles or to France; although they might like to visit their 12th-removed great-great-ancestors’ homeland with a plane ticket during summer holidays.  And hopefully, they would not see end-to-end Muslim prostration on the streets of Paris and of London, for if they did so, this would indicate that genocide and recolonization was underway of their own races’ original ancient homelands.

There are no French Canadian colonies in the British Isles, or in the Middle East, or Africa, or in Botswanaland.  The French Canadians live here, they exist here in North America and nowhere else, and they have particular institutions in parts of Canada, a country which is named for them; including the institutions founded for them in the Province of Quebec by their ancestors.

Since the French Canadians are not imperialists, and are not forming colonies elsewhere on Earth (indeed, they would become something other than French Canadians if they did; they would be a new race, not the same race), they would no doubt appreciate it if peoples from elsewhere on earth would not form colonies here.

They would like not to be recolonized on the soil of their ancestors.  They would like not to be obliterated from the face of the earth by unconstitutional mass immigration of peoples with whom they do not wish to be forced to interbreed (or “amalgamate” as the Communists call it), thus transferring their roots and losing their own ethnicity, their own self-government and their own culture.

Because surely, the first right of any people is the right to exist.  As the old poem goes, “You are a child of the Universe; you have a right to be here”.

So, point number one:  drop the anti-“White” racist sentiment against the French Canadians, who have both a right to exist conferred by nature, and a legal right enshrined in 1867 to their own self-government.

Attacks on people who just happen to be “White” with a view to wiping them off the face of the Earth by mass immigration and forced submission to alien domination, are in fact public calls for genocide, and must be treated as such.

To squelch this kind of casually accepted demand for the genocide of existing peoples, whether French Canadian, or Britanno Canadian, or whether British, New Zealander, Finnish, Swedish (when will they wake up!), Australian, Afrikaner, etc., etc., all such blatant racism against us, all such vicious demoralization, must be documented and treated as the crimes they are, and denounced before the courts, not just bandied around as “free speech” or “politics”.

There is no “free speech” and no “politics” involved to allow the mass defamation of a race of people with a view to terminating their existence and their culture on their own soil.  Therefore, to these leftist agitators and those beaten and subjugated accommodationists who pander to them, I say, shut your mouth, or you may find yourself in court sooner than you think on appropriate criminal charges of advocating and urging our genocide, because we, the founding peoples of Canada are now serving notice, and taking notice.

For you who are so thoroughly developmentally challenged by your Marxist indoctrination that this is not quite sinking in:  just to be clear, resisting such abuse, resisting the intended genocide, is not “hate”, and it is not “discrimination”.

And again, lest the point be missed:  we could be green, yellow, pink, mauve, striped or variegated with polka-dots, the issue would not be our color, but self-government.

Point number two:  all the above applies equally to all the founding peoples of Canada, the British North Americans, and their legitimate and legal heirs and descendants.  And it applies as well to the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada who have every right to be here, and a right indeed to join Confederation as founding peoples of Canada if they wish to.

Canada’s Legal Federalism Benefits Its Founders;
Self-Government Is Not “Racist”

At the time of Confederation, the founding colonies of Canada were geographically so far removed from one another, that for the most part, they had not even met before the BNA Act was promulgated.  Therefore, each group was jealous of its own identity, and wished to retain it, as both a natural and a legal right.

A federal Constitution was chosen for Canada as a means of self-defence against annexation by the Americans, in order to unite groups of people, most of whom hardly knew each other.  The BNA Act was a War Measure for the self-defense, and the permanent existence of the founding peoples of Canada, better known then as British North Americans.

In other words, not all “White” peoples want to live together; they want their own self-government.  And if this is not perfectly normal, and natural, then all “White” people who prefer federalism to a unitary state would have to be “racist” … against each other, right?  Obviously, this is ridiculous.

Therefore it doesn’t make sense either to say that any particular group of any particular “color” which rejects cohabitation and co-government with one or more other groups of any race or color, to their own legal and cultural detriment, is “racist” for doing so.  Otherwise, it would have to be “racist” all the time, including when “White” peoples choose to live apart from one anothere.

Obviously, it isn’t “racist” at any time to enjoy self-government.  Obviously, race and color are not the REAL issue.  The real issue is perfectly natural and legal self-determination allegedly protected by international instruments at the (Communist) U.N.

There can be no worse perversion than to take from a people their own constitution designed to perpetuate their natural existence and their government, and reverse it to destroy them by mass-immigrating others to replace them.  Except the perversion of falsely demonizing these people as “racists” in order to take over their country.

And yet, this plan of blatant genocide has been underway for decades by the “progressive” removal from us of our pride in our roots, the national symbols of our ethnic origins, the derogatory attacks upon our culture and our form of government, and the illegal urging that we step aside and hand our country to others who have nothing to do with us.  And who moreover, in many a case, are told and trained to despise us.

Caucasian People are not all the same
Just because they all are the same “color”

There are countless identities among the Caucasian peoples world-wide.  They are Dutch, Afrikaner, Australian, English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, American, Scandinavian, German, Icelandic, Finnish, Swedish, and on and on, and indeed British North American or Canadian, with undoubted sub-groups.  They are not “all the same” just because they are all Caucasian, any more than Kleenex is the same as Royale facial tissues, which are two different products although they are both “white”in color.

Canada Is Not For Sale

Canada Is Not For Sale

Every race of people is capable of moving to some other part of the world and forming a new colony with a new culture and qualities derived from their point of origin combined with their life in their new environment.  However, the colonization of Canada by French Canadians and the heirs of the British Isles was a done deal more than a century ago, thank you.  The land is occupied, it is not for rent, it is not for sale, and it is no longer open to colonization.

Therefore, anyone from any other culture on earth who would like to “pioneer” their own new outpost need not plant their wagon wheels on Canadian ground, which is taken and has already been developed by and for the Canadians over half a millennium.

These other peoples can find themselves an island somewhere, a home to the seagulls, and pioneer that.

Now, the Canadians, meaning the founding peoples of Canada, and the work of our ancestors in carving our own civilization out of the wilderness, are not “a petri dish” as Baltej Singh once called us, for the peoples of the world to come and feed upon, to consume and destroy us.

Moreover, we are not an example, we are not a “model”, we will not be used by the Marxist left and the Communist UNO to flim-flam other peoples and other countries into adopting mass immigration, Marxist charters and multiculturalism, i.e. self-genocide.

Our works and our institutions are for our benefit, which is both natural and legal, and we will not tolerate sharing our institutions with non-assimilating foreigners bent upon altering them to suit their own cultures and not ours.  In other words, we refuse all so-called “accom­mo­da­tion”; and we repudiate all unconstitutional immigration, in particular mass-immigration.

Foreigners, consider yourselves notified, and pass the word along by satellite dish or cell phone to your friends and relatives who were planning to immigrate, and tell them to cancel.

The Canadians are not quite the lollipops you may have been led to believe.

Have a nice day.