Allan Gotlieb:  Glad the “Homogeneous” Americans of Berkeley, “completely gone”, replaced by “multiracial society”

Conversations with History, Allan Gotlieb on Berkeley 30 years later

Conversations with History, Allan Gotlieb on Berkeley 30 years later

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View the full video, “Conversations with History:  “Looking Back:  A Canadian’s Odyssey in the United States.
By way of introduction to Allan Gotlieb, a few words have been pulled from former special RCMP agent, Patrick Walsh in his 1982 “Inside the Featherbed File?  Canada’s Watergate — The Story of Treason in Ottawa“.

Fabian Socialist Penetration in Ottawa

At this stage, the reader might begin to wonder how in the world I’ve neglected to mention Pierre Elliott-Trudeau and the clique which surrounds him, including Gérard Pelletier, Jean Chrétien, Jean Marchand, and a few others who were elected on the Liberal Party ticket from 1968 on, but previously were identified in Quebec with Socialist and Marxist groups.  I shall have a word to say about them shortly.  At least these infiltrators were elected.  But how about that coterie of assorted revolutionaries, Soviet agents, former NDP Socialists and Unilateral Disarmers who, although they were never elected, have held and still hold influential positions in the upper civil service, in ambassadorial posts abroad and in top positions of the CBC, the CRTC, the National Film Board, CIDA, etc.?  People such as Jean-Louis Gagnon, Al Johnson, Graham Spry, Bob Bryce, Jacques Roy, William (“Bill”) Lee, Hazen Size, Allan Gotlieb, Mark Starowicz, Robert Rabinovitch, Ed Clark, Michael Pitfield, John Grierson, Bernard Ostry, Escott Reid, Chester Ronning, and so many others who were able to worm their way into key positions in the Establishment and to keep these positions even when there was a change of government in Ottawa.

Long before the “Three Wise Men” from Quebec (Trudeau, Pelletier and Marchand) took over the federal Liberal Party in a typical Fabian Socialist coup d’etat, the civil service, the CBC, the National Film Board and other Crown agencies had been deeply penetrated by a group of Fabian Socialists, most of them graduates of the London School of Economics.

Allan Gotlieb was a Rhodes Scholar (Oxford) with other degrees from Berkeley and Harvard.  Rhodes Scholars are a Fifth Column of the international Bankers working for world government.  Their aims are emerging in the West in the form of Socialist multicultural city-states to which the legislative powers of our Parliament and Legislatures (which is to say, of the founding peoples of Canada) … are intended to be transferred, thus voiding the Parliament and Legislatures.

As mentioned on the video series, Gotlieb was Canadian Ambassador to the US from 1981-1988.  In that period, Canada as founded in 1867 was overthrown by a Marxist coup d’état which replaced our Parliament and Legislatures with a new form of government; and NAFTA was initiated, a “constitution for North America”, as a path to stateless regional union, organized with Ronald Reagan, aka “Red Ronnie”, a Rockefeller protégé and former “Red Star” of Hollywood whose name for many years was on the letterhead of the World Federalists.  Reagan signed joint Education treaties for the USA with the Soviet Union for the USA with Red China and with the Soviet Union.

Allan Gotlieb obviously disliked wholesome, small-town “White” (his word) “Protestant” (his word) Americans.  We “White”, “Protestant” and “Catholic” founding peoples of Canada didn’t elect him to be our Ambassador.  Do you think he liked us?

Barbara Specter, Nicolas Sarkozy and Anetta Kahane who are working to annihilate the peoples of the West and our self-government for anti-national, Soviet-Zionist multiculturalism are not alone.  Allan Gotlieb of Canada is on their team.

I’ve selected this excerpt from the video because it seems to me to illustrate not only that Gotlieb probably disliked the Canadians, but that his exuberant remarks about “a huge… city… somewhere” to describe multiracial Berkeley after the Protestant cleansing, suggest that he has the future multicultural Soviet-style megacities in mind, which are being prepared now, in Canada.

Harry Kreisler:

Coming back thirty years later, what is most striking for Allan Gotlieb as he looks at the campus today in comparison to those years back in the forties?

Allan Gotlieb

Well, what I recall, I guess, is there were two Berkeleys in those days.  There was the Berkeley which was the undergraduate school of beautiful California.

And I remember, everywhere I went, a kind of homogeneous group of healthy and young people — uh, very homogeneous.  Almost like out of a, um, Andy Hardy movie of the thirties.  I mean, everybody kinda looked the same.

I looked like the foreigner  and, uh, which I was.

Uh, but um.  And Ra! Ra!

And um, uh, sort of, you know, very much like your classic case of a, of a typical essentially small-town American campus.

Superimposed on this was this extraordinary graduate — graduate schools which had grown up — in physics, and science, and history.  And which, within a decade brought Berkeley up to the very forefront, to the top rung of universities in this country, and the world.

And what I see now is that this university, that sense of homogeneity that existed is completely gone.  I mean, this is a multiracial society.

And you can’t step out the door without realizing this is no longer a Protestant White enclave, which it was, then.

It is enormously uh, it’s like a huge — uh, when you walk down the streets, you are like in a huge — city — somewhere — where, where the  — where — a city consisting of dozens and dozens of cross-roads, and everybody seems to be crossing down those roads.

Uh, it’s as if, um, you were pulling people out of every nook and cranny of the world.  The diversity, the diversity is astonishing.  The diversity of backgrounds.  The diversity of race, the diversity of lifestyles, uh, the diversity of opinions.

Uh, the diversity of your gastronomy.

I didn’t realize when I came here that Berkeley was now the absolute center of the world for the counter-culture.  Counter meaning, the food you get at the counter.



The foregoing was a short excerpt from “Conversations with History,” hosted by Harry Kreisler for The Institute of International Studies, University of California, Berkeley, from A Video Series on International Affairs.

Title of this Episode:  “Looking Back:  A Canadian’s Odyssey in the United States.”  Allan E. Gotlieb, Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. (1981-1988).  With Tom Barnes, Professor of History and Law.  Recorded January 26, 1989.

The full interview is online at Berkeley University, and includes a reminiscence of Allan Gotlieb that seems to indicate the men he socialized with at Berkeley in his own student days were Communists, one of whom pulled up stakes and left Berkeley rather than take a loyalty oath required by California.

* “Huge” as in “mega“?  Mega-city?  Multiracial, multicultural international city-state?  Intended to replace our Canadian Provinces, the American States, and every unitary nation on earth, these Communist, socialist-planned, multiracial megacities are scheduled to receive a transfer of legislative powers out of our Parliament, Congress, and other national governments, voiding our countries.  The multiracial megacities, being built by mass immigration, are tools for theft of self-government from the founding peoples of the world.  All except “homogeneous” unitary Israel, of course; which plans to be the headquarters for the world government over the Leninist world-state of regional anti-national unions.