A Canadian Precedent for Paid Repatriation of Excess Immigrants: The Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) program

The Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) program can part the Red Sea of mass immigration, and turn the tide back!


Canada is legally an ethnic federation of its own Founding Peoples who constitutionally are entitled to self-government.  Mass immigration and dissimilar immigration violate that right.  Canada can part Red Sea of mass immigration, and turn the tide back!

The Assisted Voluntary Return and Repatriation (AVRR) program was a pilot project of the de facto Harper government launched in the Greater Toronto Area Region from June 29, 2012 and terminated March 31, 2015.

The Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) Pilot Program was implemented by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to facilitate the voluntary removal of failed refugee claimants to their countries of origin.  The pilot project was delivered by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on behalf of the CBSA.

“A voluntary return offers you a way to return
home with support, dignity and anonymity,”

said the CBSA web site in its description of the AVRR pilot program.

The program was intended to encourage failed refugee applicants to leave Canada voluntarily.  To this end, the AVRR provided incentives in the way of a plane ticket home, and cash awards.

The program was deemed “controversial” and criticized; although clearly, the wrap-up reports indicate that the AVRR could be re-tooled and returned to operation.  After all, the goal of any “pilot project” is to locate the flaws in a concept and then adjust the project to make it work.  Nonetheless, the de facto Harper government shelved the AVRR in early 2015.

Shelving of the AVRR by the Harper regime does not change the important facts:

1.  The International Organization for Migration (IOM) operates world-wide to aid all governments to humanely repatriate failed refugee applicants;

2.  The AVRR constitutes a benchmark proving that Paid Repatriation can be re-tooled to work.

3.  Paid Repatriation is a legitimate, sensible and reasoned response to failed refugee applicants, but also, and here is the innovation:  it can be used to voluntarily repatriate other groups unconstitutionally immigrated into Canada in defiance of the federal Constitution of 1867 which established the permanent self-government — not the shared-with-200+-foreign-cultures-government — of the Founding Peoples of Canada.

Western peoples are continually threatened by globalists like Peter Sutherland that if we refuse the mass immigration being forced upon us, we are a bunch of Nazis.

However, if we do not reverse the mass immigration, we will finalize our own genocide.  And that makes Mr. Sutherland far worse than a so-called Nazi:  it makes him a scion of the world’s champion mass murderers, the Bolsheviks.

In his article, “Stalin’s Jews, Sever Plocker” for Israel’s Y-net News, Sever Plocker reveals that Gingrich Yagoda, a henchman of Stalin, personally supervised the documented mass extermination of ten million innocent Ukrainian Kulaks.  The Kulaks were “middle class” peasants who refused to hand their property over to the Communists for redistribution.  Has anyone heard of this?  Has Hollywood done the movie?  Is there a “holocaust” memorial to these mass-murdered Ukrainians?

When Stalin’s Yagoda finished his butchery, some Ukrainians remained alive.  In order to break their spirit, in order to ethnically destroy them as a people, Yagoda “immigrated” countless dissimilar peoples into their midst to disintegrate the Ukrainians.  Canada is currently being disintegrated by the same tactic.  Mass immigration is a form of warfare against Canada, and it must stop!

Mass immigration is unlawfully creating a legislative union in place of Canada’s lawful Confederation.  Mass immigration is hijacking our institutions to serve unconstitutionally imported foreigners.  Mass immigration is depriving the Founding Peoples of Canada of our self-government, established permanently in a federal system in 1867.  For the difference between a legislative union and Canada’s lawful federal system, see “The Constitution 101:  Canadian Federalism and Self-Government for Dummies“.

Here are the stakes:

1.  the physical and cultural genocide of the Founding Peoples of Canada whose ancestors built this country over hundreds of years;

2.  our disappearance from our own soil, as unlawful mass immigration forcibly removes our own institutions of self-government forever.

3.  Do you want your grandchildren to be self-governing in British North America as founded for them in 1867?  Or do you want your grandchildren to be an oppressed minority in a Third-World Hell Hole built for them by the Leftists who have hijacked our soil?  After hundreds of years of building Canada, shall we, its builders, commit suicide?

It is therefore important that the AVRR existed.  It constitutes a precedent for the organized and humane return of excess immigrants to their lands of origin, or to any country of their choice that will receive them.

Indeed, in tandem, there is the prospect of reviving the centuries-old colonial system used by Kings who chartered corporations to conduct and manage their colonization.  Canada was built in large part by such a company, the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Colonizing vacant, habitable areas by using international corporations to prospect and develop the infrastructures can be paired with the services of the IOM internationally to restore the cultural balance to western countries.

Refugee NationAn American-Israeli by the name of Jason Buzi is building a “Refugee Nation” to alleviate the world-wide homeless refugee toll by creating a new country on one or more islands, complete with infrastructure.

That concept can be used to build new homelands for anyone in any of the world’s habitable areas, instead of mass-flooding immigrants into existing countries to the detriment of existing peoples and our self-government.

Thus, whatever the flaws perceived in the AVRR as applied to rejected refugee applicants, these can be corrected.  The AVRR can be relaunched as a general Paid Repatriation program to send back non-assimilating immigrants, whoever they are, wherever they come from, and however long they have been in Canada.  They can be offered incentives to help them reintegrate into their home countries, or into some new tropical island paradise built for them by a chartered corporation.

A Draft Proposal to Re-Tool the AVRR as
A General Program of Paid Repatriation

Unconstitutional, meaning illegal mass immigration or incompatible immigration to Canada can be remedied in the near future by lawful and humane means.

We can relaunch and expand the AVRR to move out dissimilar, culturally non-compatible or chronically unemployed immigrants.

This is not the Middle Ages, it is the Modern Era; there are no “gas ovens”, there are comfortable planes, trains, sea-going passenger liners and automobiles.  There will be financial incentives, economic subsidies and foreign aid.  Some of our erstwhile immigrants will be jumping at the chance to get their hands on the kinds of opportunities we will offer them.

The alternative is Canadian National Suicide.

Expanding the AVRR

The AVRR can be re-tooled, re-launched, and expanded, and the IOM’s funding, operating infrastructures and personnel enhanced to implement a general Paid Repatriation program.

Canada can offer to further enhance the IOM’s funding if they will hire some of our immigrant candidates for Paid Repatriation as agents to carry out this new and expanded IOM program for Canada in various countries abroad.

Those who qualified for Paid Repatriation under the Harper governments’ AVRR pilot project could receive a free one-way plane ticket back to their country of origin and up to $2,000.00.  The cash was to be used to help the failed immigrant find a job, set up a business, or go back to school in his or her home country.

New incentives can be tailored for a general program of Paid Repatriation to aid in the voluntary return of all qualified non-integrating immigrants.

Who Will Be Eligible For
General Paid Repatriation?

Keeping in mind that Canada, legally, constitutionally, is an ethnic federation of its own Founding Peoples:

1. First, we need to identify the type of immigrant who would be eligible for paid repatriation under an expanded AVRR program.

2. Then, we need to “score” potential applicants for the sake of priority.  In other words, who can we move out the fastest and get the program going.

Potential Types of Candidates for Paid Repatriation:

1.  Immigrants in general who have arrived in Canada since 1987 when the current mass wave of “multiculturalism” was initiated, bringing in huge populations of culturally dissimilar foreigners;

2.  Unemployed immigrants who cannot or will not integrate socially, culturally and politically into Canada’s lawful parliamentary system of 1867 and our British North American society.  In particular, they would be unable or unwilling to integrate when unsupported by extensive social programs; because Canada needs to roll back socialism that is being used to finance mass immigration.  “Ministries of Multicuturalism” are also unconstitutional, unlawful, and illegally funded.  Those Ministries must be shut down and the funds diverted to repatriating immigrants and rebuilding British North America (Canada);

3.  Unemployed immigrants from dissimilar cultures, i.e., non-parliamentary, theocratic, dictatorial regimes and non-Christian religious cultures, or cultures hostile to Christianity, to Christian nations, and to the West in particular.  This does not mean that all Founding Canadians are necessarily practicing Christians.  It merely means that Western civilization has arisen from Christian roots, and with or without the practice of a formal religion, the principles which we associate today with the West, emerged, in fact, from a Christian basis developed and modernized (like our English Constitution) over many centuries by our forebears.

4.  Immigrants with criminal records must absolutely be eligible, top of the list.  The paid repatriation program must include the making of appropriate federal treaty arrangements with home countries of immigrants with criminal records, so as to jointly assist in their rehabilitation on their own home soil, where they should be allowed to complete their sentences.

In the alternative, they should be able to have their sentences commuted to community service under paid joint supervision in the course of reintegration into their home countries.  A decision will have to be made as to whether Canada will set up patriation of prisoners serving hard terms; or whether they complete their terms here, or obtain early release (depending on the nature of the crime) on condition of their accepting paid repatriation.

We have, for instance, in recent years in Canada, a 10% increase in convicts of a particular ethnic origin.  Could such people be repatriated and have their sentences commuted?  Prisoners and former prisoners should receive job training or re-training in their home countries under joint Canada-foreign supervision.

5.  All immigrants from dissimilar, non-compatible cultures must always be eligible for paid repatriation:  i.e., people from non-parliamentary, theocratic, dictatorial regimes and non-Christian religious cultures, or from cultures hostile to Christianity and to Christian-derived nations, and hostile to the West in general.

6.  Islamic immigrants must always be eligible for paid repatriation, and in fact they should be offered it directly.  Canada is not an Islamic country, and constitutionally is not going to become an Islamic country, in whole or in part.  We are not going to deal with demands for Sharia law on Canadian soil, nor risk that they will carry out its horrific practices nonetheless, in secret, including on our own people.

We are not going to deal with demands for Sharia “secession” of parts of Canada from Canadian soil.  Therefore, we are going to humanely remove Islam from Canada.

We have already witnessed four good reasons to rapidly eliminate Islam from Canada in a peaceable and humane manner:

a.  Islamic terrorists have attacked our Parliament with intent to blow it up and decapitate our government.  This, in my view, makes Islam an enemy cult on Canadian soil.  It should be dealt with in accordance under modified War Measures and not by imposing a police state on all Canadians, depriving us of our own freedoms;

b.  Since that attack, we have had an armed “hybrid” French-Canadian-Islamic terrorist and killer stalk the halls of our Parliament who had to be shot dead by security.  Have we got the message?

c.  Islamic Somalis have already threatened “blood in the streets” of Toronto on public news channels, such as the CTV, (if we don’t “give” them “good jobs”).  The huge gap in judgment of people able to say this to us on public television needs to be remedied quickly by general Paid Repatriation.

d.  Stephen Harper had already identified Islam as the single greatest national security risk to Canada.  Nonetheless, he continued to bring them in!  Junior Trudeau (Baby Boy Justin) is now doing his best to flood them in, having placed A foreign-born Somali in charge of Canada’s immigration.

These are calculated outrages.

It is not lawful for our government to expose Canadians to mass death-threats on our soil by foreign groups.

Moreover, those people behind the public threat of mass violence in Toronto need to be specifically identified, contacted, and offered repatriation with appropriate conditions, such as job training on their own soil, asap.

Islamic repatriation should proceed to the top of the list, given the status of Islam as Canada’s #1 national security threat.  Preference in the line-up should be based on scoring on other points, i.e., “unemployed”, “criminal record”, serving a commutable sentence, anti-white racism, terrorist activities, etc.

All Non-compatible Immigrants Should Qualify

1.  Immigrants from China, India, Asia, Africa and Islamic countries, the “honor killers”, etc., and any others who are changing the cultural landscape of Canada, meaning British North America, should be eligible for general Paid Repatriation.

2.  Those who come from overpopulated continents, or from Communist countries whose mentality we do not want, and where they are a member of a race which (unlike Canadians) is at no risk of disappearance, should be encouraged to avail themselves of Paid Repatriation.

Where Paid Repatriation is sought by employed or self-employed Islamic immigrants, a program for liquefying their assets in Canada, such as property and businesses owned, at reasonable market value, should accompany any other program feature, i.e., plane tickets and reintegration, etc.

Funds so liquefied should be directly deposited into a bank on their home country’s soil and no access to the funds provided until the immigrant actually goes there.

The Goals Of A General Paid Repatriation Program

The goals of an expanded Paid Repatriation program must include:

1.  to reverse the unconstitutional process of de-nationalizing Canadian soil by converting it to the globalist multicultural system; and thus to restore cultural — and in some cases, racial — homogeneity to each federal area of Canada, thus averting mass genocide of the Canadian Founding Peoples whose roots are British North American, and who exist nowhere else on Earth.  The term “British North American” includes all Founding French Canadians.

2.  to reverse and help stop the unconstitutional conversion of Canada into a nation of mutually hostile cultural and religious ghettos and no-go zones, as has happened in the British Isles and in Europe.  We do not wish to repeat here the egregious errors made in UK and Europe which are now destroying that ancient source of our own modern civilization.

3.  to roll back socialism as far as possible in order to restore a liberal parliament and legislatures to Canada; while also eliminating the funding basis which might well be the sole major support for the current extraordinary levels of mass immigration in place since at least 1987.

The benefits of a general Paid Repatriation program are obvious, and include the promotion of national security, national and social unity and political stability, which were basic aims of the Founding Fathers in 1867.

Paid Repatriation — What Would The Expanded Program Include?

An expanded paid repatriation program should include:

1.  a plane ticket;

2.  a compulsory psychological assessment to affirm the capacity for undertaking repatriation; and where necessary, Canada should supply social and psychological services to support and prepare the candidate for a successful return home;

3.  a compulsory transitional program on the soil of the immigrant’s home country, involving:

a.  re-acclimatization (and socialization) to the domestic home culture.  No one should be “dumped” in a country they have lost touch with (except by cell phone and satellite) and left to their own devices;

b.  help in securing (or in creating) reasonable housing;

c.  training or re­training suitable to the home country’s culture, economy and marketplace to ensure successful integration of the returned immigrant into a job and a lifestyle natural to that home culture;

d.  The program should focus on helping returned immigrants create the kinds of jobs and businesses that are not only relevant locally in their home country, but will also tend to employ others on their home soil, and act as models for others in those home countries to emulate.

e.  Immigrants who cannot return to their home country whatever the reason, should be patriated to another country of similar cultural and demographic composition based on treaties and agreements with such receiving country;

How Would The Expanded Paid Repatriation Program Be Paid For?

The expanded program should use:

1.  all funds to a maximum period of five (5) years of expenditures per immigrant or per immigrant family, which would otherwise be spent in Canada keeping such immigrants on social assistance programs, or providing them with routine social services (medical, legal, educational, economic assistance, etc.);

2.  the program should be linked to Canada’s foreign aid commitments.  Only those countries which accept the program and actively cooperate with it should receive Canadian foreign aid.  Countries that suffer from natural disasters receive substantial foreign aid from Canada and we take huge boatloads of their immigrants.  For example, Bangladesh (flood), Haiti (earthquake), or Indonesia (tsunami), should have their foreign aid easily linked to acceptance of repatriation programs.

3.  the majority of funds now used for immigration, and all its phases, including provincial welfare payments, should now be redirected to paid repatriation and linked to international development aid.  Immigration should be reduced to absolutely minimal levels, and to ZERO for populations envisioned by the expanded paid repatriation program.

4.  expenditures per immigrant:  the program should last — in each case, depending on the context — up to a maximum of 5 years per immigrant or per immigrant family, after which they are on their own.  Five years maximum should be more than sufficient to help certain people get on their feet.

Who Would Run The Expanded Paid Repatriation Program?

First of all, the program must be jointly supervised by both Canadian and foreign “home” authorities, through the facilities of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).  Secondly, it should be co-supervised with IOM on the foreign soil through program offices attached to Canadian consulates and embassies, which also administer passports.

Treaties should be signed, if necessary, and international development aid should be linked to the program as an inducement to conclude such treaties and accept the program.

The program should be supervised by Canadian government agents on the foreign soil in question.  In fact, some or even most of those “Canadian” agents should be immigrant recipients of the paid repatriation program, which automatically creates professional JOBS overseas.

Such immigrant “agents” should be trained here to carry out the program, but only based on their signature of waivers in advance and renunciation of Canadian citizenship, in exchange for their overseas contracts, renewals or extensions thereof.  During such contracts, they will be and act as special temporary agents of the Canadian government, subject to our control, and with the permission of their new home government.

If any such immigrants renege on their contracts, or fail to perform, they should be transferred to the regular paid repatriation program and subject to the same rules and conditions as the majority of paid repatriation recipients, with a maximum 5-year limit for Canadian support, minus any contract time already worked as a Canadian “agent” on foreign soil.

How Do We Prevent Abuse Of The Paid Program?

I am not usually a fan of these kinds of technologies, but in a case like this where national security and national survival are at stake, the following measures and technologies must be implemented.

All immigrants who are candidates for paid repatriation must sign certified (sworn) waivers formally renouncing Canadian citizenship (it wasn’t lawful to give it to them in the first place) or any right thereto for themselves and their offspring.  Such renunciation would take effect automatically upon their acceptance into the program.  In other words, there would be no turning back.  An agreement to go is an agreement to go.  These waivers should be considered contractual, and be formally enrolled with the validity of statutes to ensure compliance.

Immigrants accepted by the program must be DNA-sampled and fingerprinted, iris-scanned etc., to ensure that they and their offspring do not come back under other names to take advantage of the program again and again.

What Are The Benefits For Canadians Of A General AVRR Program?

1.  restoration of the Constitutional right of Founding Canadians to their own culture, legal and political systems, and self-government without the interference of hundreds of foreign cultures;

2.  Restoration of freedom of thought, speech and opinion, essential to the real British Parliamentary self-government established in 1867;

3.  restoration of long-term cohesion and political stability to Canada;

4.  removal of a very serious national security threat;

5.  removal of the chief means of merging Canada into the USA and Mexico:  a population so totally heterogeneous that it can easily be blended into the rest of the continent, if not the hemisphere;

What Else Can Be Done To Help Restore The Founding Canadians?

1.  For any perceived loss of size in the general population, where necessary, baby bonuses and family subsidies should be made available to Founding Canadians to help us repopulate our traditional communities.

The fertility rate of Britanno and French Canadians has dramatically declined.  A sub-replacement decline was noted after World War One.  We had a post-WWII baby boom; and we are now told that we are Graying, and need foreigners to replace us!

The people who built British North America will not be replaced!  We do not desire to become extinct!  This is not the Middle Ages.  We have reproductive technology, fertility clinics; and surrogate mothers can be licensed by law.  A law should be passed requiring all fertility clinics to register their inventory according to date and demographics; and prohibiting Britanno and French-Canadian reproductive inventory, i.e., fertilized and non-fertilized stored material, from being disposed of.  We must absolutely preserve our gene pool which otherwise will be diminished!

In addition, the work-week can be rescheduled to accommodate long half-days (6-hour work-days) allowing both mother and father time to raise their kids, and also enjoy a job.  We are not going the way of the Dinosaur!  We are going to recover our country, our numbers and our culture.

2.  Founding Canadians who have suffered a loss of identity or roots because of the forced break with our heritage under the Trudeau and Pearson de facto governments, et seq., should be helped to recover their loss by means of special cultural and study programs.  After all, the First Nations (Aboriginal peoples) are doing it, why not the rest of us.

Such programs should include historical and cultural materials omitted from general education in the past few decades while multiculturalism and Marxism have been taught to the detriment or exclusion of Canadian culture.

With an expanded PAID REPATRIATION program and help to Founding Canadians, eventually, the streets of Canada will be Canadian again, in demographics and in culture.

We can make it to the other shore!

We can make it to the other shore!


Parallel measures:

1.  Eliminate “affirmative action” immediately; which is nothing less than “legalized” discrimination against the British North Americans on our own soil.

2.  Eliminate all excessive socialist programs, i.e. free taxpayers’ money frittered away to support and aid the mass immigration and illegal multiculturalism.

3.  Institute legal measures to recover costs and damages from those in our de facto  governments who have violated our constitution to kill us off and replace us.

4.  Legally terminate voting and political rights to non-assimilating foreigners; if they want to vote, they can go home and vote.  Substitute a temporary regime based on the perfectly good concept of “permanent residency”, but in this case, make it “pending repatriation”.  Permanent residents live here if they can find work, but they cannot vote.  British North Americans have no need to be out-voted in our own self-governing Legislatures.  Dissimilar foreigners must not have a general vote in our ethnic federation.  Nor are they entitled to hold high office or key office in our country.

5.  Laws must be passed limiting, and in some cases prohibiting, foreign ownership of Canadian residential, commercial and metropolitan infrastructure.  In Montreal, for example, vast amounts of residential real estate have been bought up in the past 30 years by Third-World, ex-Soviet or Middle Eastern immigrants.  When they are repatriated, we don’t want them still owning Canadian real estate.  Beautiful old apartment blocks first built as one, two- and three-bedroom homes for middle-class Canadians have been subdivided, often illegally, into “rooms” equipped with camp stoves and a pint-sized refrigerator.  Each room is rented to a different tenant; often the bathroom has to be shared down the hall.  The rent on a room can almost approach what used to be paid for a one-bedroom apartment.  Therefore, immigrant landlords are destroying Canadian residential infrastructure for the high profits that accompany mass immigration and the need for housing.  We will need a program to restore much of the best residential rental housing that has been destroyed in this way.

Entire neighborhoods are being transformed from culturally French-Canadian or Britanno Canadian into third-world dumps where cockroaches, rats, mice, and pimps from the “Islands” also now live (Goyer Street in Côte-des-Neiges is one example; Fielding and Somerled Avenues in N.D.G. are another example).  Where, once upon a time, Britanno and French Canadian families raised their kids, or young professionals who worked downtown lived and had their office chums home for a Christmas party, Jamaican 2-foot knitted “turbans” freely roam with their cadillacs and their hookers, including White hookers.

Chinese real estate agents are selling quality homes in Montreal to Chinese living abroad; eventually, this will make vast areas of Montreal into new Chinese “Richmonds”, as in Vancouver, where the Britanno founding peoples are being shoved out and converted into minorities.  We must not only take back our country, but take back our neighborhoods and restore them.