Canada 150:  Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples are NOT Victims of Genocide:  on the Contrary, their Populations are Exploding:  Statistics Canada

<img src="; alt="Statistics Canada:  Growth rate of Population is much higher for Aboriginal peoples” width=”620″ height=”422″ class=”size-full wp-image-725″ /> Statistics Canada:  Growth rate of Population is much higher for Aboriginal peoples

Statistics Canada (#89-645-X) reports the following on population growth of Aboriginal peoples in Canada:

“Between 1996 and 2006 the Aboriginal population grew at a much faster rate than the non-Aboriginal population at 45% and 8% respectively.  The Métis had the highest growth rate of all Aboriginal identity groups with their population nearly doubling between 1996 and 2006.  The First Nations population grew by 29% while the Inuit population grew by 26%.  The growth rates for each of the Aboriginal identity groups were much higher than that of the non-Aboriginal population at 8% from 1996 to 2006.”

That is a very different picture from the alleged “genocide” of Aboriginals by White peoples made on Canada Day 150 on July 1st, 2017.  Of course, it was the worst perpetrators of genocides worldwide in all modern history, the lying Communists, who led this shameful exhibition of defamation against our country.

For 10,000 years they lived in tipis, they hunted, fished, grew corn, tobacco and gathered berries.  They invented the snowshoe and the smoke signal.  Now, the Communists have mobilized the Indians to tell the world that we, the Canadians, are killing them off!

The Aboriginal population is exploding in Canada.

Aboriginal Genocide in Canada is a LIE!

Genocide banner, Saskatchewan Legislature, Canada Day 150 (2017)

Genocide banner, Saskatchewan Legislature, Canada Day 150 (2017)

For the 10,000 years that they claim to have been here, Aboriginals were unable to increase their total population beyond about 220,000 individuals because they had no way to feed more mouths.

At page 18 of his prize-winning book, Canada A Story of Challenge, historian By J.M.S. Careless describes the subsistence lifestyle of Canada’s Aboriginals:

“The Indians were never very numerous — supposedly only about 220,000 in all Canada at the time when Europeans first arrived.  This sparse population was fairly well fixed in size by the Indians’ inability to feed many more mouths, despite the vastness of the continent.  For the northern Indian, in particular, was primarily a hunter, and he needed wide, empty areas to range in search of food.  Though some Indian groups did plant crops and scratched a living from the soil, the primitive Canadian Indian depended largely on hunting and fishing.  Hence prehistoric Canada generally remained a wilderness hunting-ground, a silent world of forests in the east and far west and of untilled grasslands on the interior plains.”

Currently, in 2017, Aboriginals are experiencing a baby boom!  Aboriginals are now looking at a total population of 1.4 million in Canada.  That is not GENOCIDE, that is a massively high fertility rate.  This miraculous transformation of Aboriginal society can only be due to the fact that Aboriginals in Canada now enjoy the fruits of White culture.  These include the availability of a vast and varied food supply, increasingly better housing and infrastructure, writing and education, transportation, medical care, and free higher education (not available to Whites), and none of which they had for 10,000 years before the Whites arrived.

  Statistics Canada reports as follows:

Population growth

Growth rate of population is much higher for Aboriginal peoples

“Projections suggest that the Aboriginal population could increase to approximately 1.4 million by 2017 from 1.1 million in 2006.  The proportion of the Canadian population that identify themselves as Aboriginal is projected to increase to 4% in 2017 from 3% in 2001.”

Population Growtn - Aboriginals (Canada)

White Genocide in Canada is a FACT!

The Demographic Time BombMitigating The Effects Of Demographic Change In Canada,” opens with these words of the Auditor General of Canada:

“The demographic die is cast:  there is little we can do to reverse or even slow the ag(e)ing of Canada’s population over the coming decades.  But it is certainly within our power to plan better for it.  And better planning begins with better information concerning the long-term fiscal implications of the coming demographic shift.”

So begins the Special Report of the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce (June 2006) chaired by the Honourable Jerahmiel S. (Jerry) Grafstein, Q.C.

Grafstein’s idea of “properly addressing” the demographic disappearance of the Founding Peoples of Canada is to bury us alive and shovel us in!

In contrast, in Israel, the government PAYS the Israelis to have more children, to preserve “the integrity of the Jewish state”!  Obviously, the State, meaning the Nation, is based on its existing people.  Israel is not importing foreigners to replace themselves!  Israel now has the highest white fertility rate.  The West, and Canada, are dying, while Grave-digger Grafstein buries us with joy, but Israel is PAYING their citizens to have children to preserve their Nation.

Grafstein’s committee of self-appointed grave-diggers did not even bother to convene or consult the White victims of this genocide-by-cultural-Marxism concerning this national emergency.

We have not been invited to decide for ourselves — a supposedly self-governing, independent people who founded this country over hundreds of years — the solution to our own issue of our own survival.  We have been treated no better than livestock, a herd in decline.

The Demographic Time Bomb – Special Senate Report, Chaired by Jerahmiel S. Grafstein

The Demographic Time Bomb – Special Senate Report, Chaired by Jerahmiel S. Grafstein

At page 4, the Grafstein report says:

“Statistics Canada told the Committee that the life expectancy for someone born now is about 77 years for Canadian men and approximately 82 years for Canadian women.  We were also informed that a fertility level of 2.1 children per woman is required for population replacement; Canada has not had this level since 1971.”

1971 is three years after Pierre Elliott Trudeau got in with his phony “Just Society,” including legal protection for “alternative families”, i.e., for homosexuality and transgenders, relations that produce no next generation, no society!  Even Junior Trudeau, the Idiot of Rideau Cottage, passed a Bill in 2016 so that “Transgender Canadians should ‘feel free and safe’ to be themselves“.  Has the moron passed a Bill to inform the Founding Peoples of Canada that we are dying so that we can do something about it?

If you are lesbians or “gays,” you can safely shove your tongue down each other’s throats in public in Canada and have it protected as a “Charter right”.  But if you are White and heterosexual, meaning that you are the only possibility for producing a flourishing society, you can be exterminated by deliberate neglect and have no Charter to protect you!

Moreover, you might even be called “supremacist” or “racist” if you even attempt to survive, just because you are White.

The Grafstein report (June 2006) continues:

“Currently, the level of fertility is 1.5 children per woman.  In the view of the New America Foundation, “Canada’s birth rate is about 40 per cent below the level needed to avoid long-term population loss.”

The White Canadian birth rate is 40% below replacement, and the Aboriginal birth rate is booming, yet the Aboriginals, in league with the Communists who target our western countries with anti-family, pro-perversion, radical-non-breeding feminism and mass foreign immigration to kill us off, accuse us, in our streets, of killing off the Aboriginals!

Take heart, however, ye dying, ye to whom we threw the torch, ye whose hands are failing:  Jerry Grafstein’s finance committee recommends fiscal measures  to palliate the mere discomfort of your passing; and better economic and social integration of the mass immigrants who are coming to replace you in the homeland founded for you by your ancestors.