Confederation – Not North American Union – Not International City-States


Self-Governing Provinces
NOT Multicultural City-states

Confederation - Not North American Union

Confederation – Not North American Union

AN ACT FOR  the union of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, and the government thereof; and for purposes con­nec­ted therewith.

ACTE CONCERNANT  l’union et le gouvernement du Canada, de la Nouvelle-Ecosse et du Nouveau-Brunswick, ainsi que les objets qui s’y rattachent.

The foregoing text is the “Long Title” of the lawful Constitution of Canada, the British North America Act of 1867. 

The Long Title is an important part of the Constitution.  Along with the Preamble, it sets overall limits on both federal and provincial action. In addition, the Division of Powers between the federal and provincial levels carves out boundaries within which the respective governments must act.

The language of the Canadian Long Title is very similar to the language of the “supremacy clause” of the United States constitution. The opening words of the latter state:

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land […]

Both Canada’s Long Title and the U.S. supremacy clause, make all action ILLEGAL which is not carried out in pursuit of or “in pursuance of” the objectives determined by the Constitution.

Canada’s Long Title, and the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution, are two examples which illustrate the purpose of a written Constitution. Which is to prevent arbitrary action — meaning action outside the law — by the federal and provincial Executives.

Not North American Union

Not North American Union

North American Union is arbitrary, contrary to Confederation, and therefore illegal.

A written constitution preserves government by Rule of Law, the alternative to which is un­con­trolled, in­dis­crim­i­nate rule by the pure willfulness of representatives.  If they are elected, but govern by their own rules, and not by the rules of the Constitution, that is not the Rule of Law, but the rule of man.  The rule of man over a country with a Constitution is unconstitutional.

The “Rule of Law” (capitalized) means that Executive power is based upon, or derived from, Legislative power. Legislative power is the power derived from the Constitution, to make LAW in conformity with the limits imposed by the Constitution.

The primary source of legislative power in Canada is the Constitution itself. The other major source of power is valid provincial and federal laws made in compliance with our Constitution.

In order to be valid, and to have “legal” effect, statutes must all be in pursuit of, or “for purposes connectedwith the Canadian federal Constitution, and with the Union established permanently in 1867.  “Laws” and policies, and action aimed at altering that Union are unconstitutional. Unlawful alterations include non-compatible immigration, secession, annexation, and re-pop­u­la­tion or re­col­o­ni­za­tion of the country with foreigners, re-federalization of the country on the “mosaic” principle in place of Confederation, and so on.  Anything you can think of that is not Confederation will be unconstitutional.

If there is no valid law, and if there is nothing in the Constitution, or if the Constitution denies the power, the Executive may not act. All State action must be grounded in a legal source. The State may not act today, and then pass a “law” later to give themselves power to do what they had no power to do in the first place. In particular if the power was denied by the Constitution.

The federal and provincial Canadian Executives cannot “pursue” the dismantling of Canada by “secession” of one or more of the Provinces, because this is not “for purposes connectedwith the Union of 1867.

The federal and provincial Canadian Executives cannot “pursue” the annexation of Canada to the United States (and Mexico), or by extension to any other entity, such as the European Union (EUSSR) or a world federation under a world parliament, in order to merge its laws and interests with those of other nations and other peoples.

Any such merger is not “in pursuit” of the Union established in 1867. All action to achieve these objectives therefore is not “for purposes connectedwith the lawful Constitution and the Canadian Union of 1867, which is legally permanent. All damage caused by action outside the law can be taken out of the pockets of the “rogue” governments (legal term) who are not lawfully in office, but are, legal term:  usurpers using the “occasion of” their detaining of office to undermine the lawful Constitution.

As we can see from the Long Title, the ultimate limitation on all action, federal or provincial, is that it must be “for” the benefit and in pursuance of the Union of 1867. Canada therefore cannot be dismantled into independent states, and it cannot be annexed to the USA (or Mexico) to form a continental union, which is not the Union contemplated in the British North America Act of 1867.

Division of Powers

Most powers of the Parliament of Canada and the Provincial Legislatures are found in the British North America Act, 1867 at Section 91 (federal powers) and Section 92 (provincial powers). This is called the “Division of Powers”.

Canada’s constitutional law has long established the principle that the powers of the federal and provincial legislatures can only be derived from the text of the British North America Act. New powers cannot beimpliedto exist on the alleged basis of general political concepts, or “unwritten principles”.

Legality -vs- Voidness

If an Act of Parliament, or an Act of a Provincial Legislature is not allowed under the general power given to the Parliament at s. 91, or the enumerated powers given to the Provinces at s. 92, then it was not made in pursuance of the Constitution. It is therefore not a law at all, although it may take the visual form of a law. Moreover, the Royal Assent cannot make a VOID law VALID. There is no legislative power in the Royal Assent, i.e., no power to override the Constitution.

Politics is Not Law
And Treason is not Politics

We have a problem in this country with news control, and with labels. Canadians are too content to run their lives by reading the headlines. They believe everything they hear. Especially when it caters to their egos. Canadians are lulled by “entertainment news” with theme music and star reporters. We do not question what we are told. We do not investigate. We do not demand serious information. We are too preoccupied to think. We let our “news” talking heads think for us.

Let’s clarify one dangerous label. The “separatist” label is wrong. René Lévesque was not a “separatist”, he was a Communist. The Parti Québécois is not a “separatist” party, it is Communist. It was founded in 1968 on orders of Pierre Elliott Trudeau and friends, who appointed René Lévesque to organize and lead it.1  It was filled with socialists and with hard-line Communists from the far-left Rassemblement pour l’indépendance Nationale du Québec (RIN). Its platform is Communist. Its 1972 manifesto plans a Communist State of Quebec on the model of an Eastern European Soviet satellite.  The Parti Québécois produced its 1972 manifesto to appease its far-left wing.  The document was never produced in English.  I scanned, OCR’d and translated the manifesto into English, along with a French Radio-Canada (CBC) broadcast discussing it.  You can have a free copy of the manifesto and the broadcast in the sidebar at  Look for the blue lightning.

The Parti Québécois plans to link this new Communist state of Quebec in a “treaty of alliance” with the “rest of Canada”. And even with the United States, where people apparently also live by the headlines.

Into Communist City-States

The Parti Québécois is also in the process, now, of dismantling Quebec into international city-states.  Lord Conrad Black, ex of the Bilderberg steering committee, is helping the Parti Québécois cover it up (Black & Trent cover up Communist city-states underway:  free download).  For example, the mega-city of Montreal now has a nascent parliament.

Guy Bertrand’s original ad in Le Soleil 18 March 2015

Communist Guy Bertrand, a founding member of the Communist PQ and long-time constitutional fraud-artist who pretends to “slip” from one side to the other (from “separatist” to “federalist” — there ARE no such sides because Confederation is not an OPTION, it is legally permanent!) has called for a “Federal Republic of Quebec” (a République fédérale du Québec) based on the federalization of MUNICIPAL REGIONS into city-states … each with its own “parliament” (to use the term loosely) and governor.  Download Bertrand’s French ad and English translation.

Bertrand would like the French-Canadians and the illegally mass-immigrated foreigners, and what’s left of the co-founders of British North America still in Quebec, including yours truly, to “vote” for it.  Except that it’s ALREADY BEING DONE, your vote is absolutely not required.  Only a con-job is required to pull it off and use you, in your utter ignorance, to rubber-stamp it, and thus obey it.  Now, do you see why the Communists love “democracy”.

Bertrand’s French:

My English translation:

Partage des pouvoirs

Ainsi, ce changement permettra aux Étals régionaux de partager avec le Parlement central québécois tous les pouvoirs québécois tous les pouvoirs politiques et économiques décisionnels, y compris les pouvoirs d’imposition, de taxation et de redevances sur l’exploitation des res­sources naturelles.  Ils auraient chacun leur gouverneur, leur parlement et leur gouvernement.  Ces 17 Etats régionaux ressemble­raient, en quelque sorte, aux cantons suisses, aux États fédérés d’Autriche, aux Etats américains, ou encore aux provinces dans la fédération canadienne.  [Gras ajouté.

Division of powers

Therefore, this change will allow the regional Stales to share with the central Quebec Parliament all the powers of political and economic decision-making, including powers of assessment, taxation, licence lees on the exploitation of natural resources.  Each one will have its Governor, its Parliament, and its Government.  These 17 regional States, in a way, resemble the Swiss cantons, the federated States of Austria, the American Stales, or again, the Provinces” in the Canadian federation.  [Bold added.]

I’m betting you don’t know what the “division of powers” is.  It’s the FOUNDATION OF CANADA.  It creates Confederation by dividing the subject matters on which our lawful Parliament and the Provinces may legislate.  They are planning to rip the foundations out from under Canada to install a federalized Communist regime on their basis.  Now, you wish you knew the constitutional law of your country!  It’s never too late to learn.  See my post, The Constitution 101 for Dummies.

Peter Kerr interviewing supposed “leader of the demerger movement” Peter Trent, who says, as if he is opposed to it (to hide the fact it was done on purpose as part of the Communist PQ strategy made transparent by Guy Bertrand in his Liberty-Nation ads):

“With sixty-four members, Montreal has the largest city council in North America.  The maximum we should have is 18 or 19.  The provincial government [the Communist PQ in November-December 2000] has created a parliamentary system in City Hall.” (See last page in scan file:  The Montrealer.pdf Free download)

The title of that article is “Peter Trent — Former Westmount Mayor to act as municipal election commentator for CTV and The Gazette” in The Montrealer, October 2017.  Trent’s co-host for the tv coverage was in fact the “Honorable” Marlène Jennings, former parliamentary secretary to traitor Paul Martin, Jr., who was with him in Waco, Texas when he signed the illegal SPP to merge North America … necessarily into a region of city-states.  Traitor Jennings addresses the Americans from time to time (as reported in their “law” journals) during the ongoing course of the North American merger, to tell them how alike we are to each other, we pacifist Canadians and these planetary war-mongers, with whom we parted ways after 1776.

Therefore, we can see key players from the North American Union backing the build-up of the Montreal city-state, which requires the break-up of Canada using Quebec to pull off the con.

North American Union will be a federalized region of international Communist city-states in a Marxist world-state, NOT a federation of the dismantled American States and former Provinces of Canada:  ALL will be decentralized.  And our Parliament will be hijacked as headquarters of Moscow in the Western Hemisphere, thus the billions in renovations of Parliament Hill on the backs of the jilted Canadian taxpayers.

The City-States are Up On Wheels
They Just Need Gas

They are obviously already doing what Bertrand is calling for, because federalized city-regions are precisely what the PQ created in November-December 2000:  embryonic international city-states.  The big one, Montreal, is now seen openly in the news (if you read more than the headlines) to be equipped with a Parliament!  Just as Bertrand called for in his new, NON-French-Canadian Quebec where only “language” — i.e. 200+ brands of foreigners speaking pidgin French –!  will be the “binding” principle to create the TEMPORARY, entirely TRANSITIONAL “nation-state” of Quebec.  What a coincidence!  The whole Communist plan exposed as being afoot while their strategists pretend we must one day “vote” on whether or not to do it!

These facts, that city-states were created by the PQ in November-December 2000; that the Montreal city-state has a Parliament; that Canada is being destroyed by the Communists in Quebec (working for Big Business, the Super-capitalists) to inflate the new city-states with provincial and federal POWERS belonging to the Founding Peoples of Canada — have been coyly fogged over by controlled opposition such as Mr. Peter Trent (the former mayor of Westmount) claiming the PQ was “delusional” when they did it!

Yes, folks; this is NOT a Communist city-state (in a Marxist world-state) being built up under your noses by the Communist Parti Québécois.  The anti-white PQ was carried away by their “emotions” when they did it!  They were out of their minds when they did it!  They were irrational and had no idea what they were doing when they IGNORED THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE who did not want it.

Red Harel and Crook Tremblay, both of the “Model parliament for North America” — a communist parliament over international city-states federalized in the North American region.

Note that Louise Harel of the Communist PQ, who moved “up” into Municipal “politics” (i.e., into their subversion), is an anti-white racist who repeatedly has called for the ouster of WHITE people from the Quebec and municipal public service.  Moreover, Louise Harel is/has been a member of the Board of Directors of the North American Forum on Integration (NAFI) which ran the model parliaments for North America …. that were launched in the federal Senate chamber of Canada in 2005; so you can see that the PLOT to destroy Canada comes from the federal level that illegally (unconstitutionally) SIGNED the various plans to merge North America.

Note that Montreal mega-city mayor Gérald Tremblay, together with Soviet spy-infested McGill University, source of most the spies exposed by the Gouzenko spy trials, hosted the 2008 Model Parliament for North America held by Harel’s NAFI at Montreal City Hall and at McGill University.  Thus we have two North American Union conspirators in this video posing with surprised looks on their faces as Peter Trent pretends to “oppose” the mega-mergers … which in fact he will later support, by calling for the powers to be devolved to these new megacities, as reported by Canada’s red CBC in “Plus de pouvoir aux villes?“, online 23 October 2017.

Nouvelles responsabilités

Les maires Coderre et Labeaume avancent que le statut des villes internationales a changé au cours des dernières années.  « Elles sont devenues des cités états », explique M. Coderre.  Les grandes villes québécoises doivent maintenant entretenir des infrastructures qui servent à l’ensemble de leur région sans en avoir les moyens fiscaux.


New Responsibilities

Mayors Coderre and Labeaume argue that the status of international cities has changed in recent years.  “They have become city-states,” says Coderre.  Quebec’s major cities now have to maintain infrastructures that serve their entire region without having the means to do so.

Montréal doit maintenant assumer des responsabilités en matière d’environnement, de sécurité publique, d’immigration, de transport, d’économie, de logement et d’itinérance, souligne M. Coderre.  Des responsabilités qui n’existaient pas lors de la formulation de la Constitution canadienne de 1867 qui a donné naissance à la définition juridique des villes.  ….

Montreal now has responsibilities in the areas of the environment, public safety, immigration, transportation, the economy, housing and homelessness, says Coderre.  Responsibilities that did not exist during formulation of the Canadian Constitution of 1867 that gave rise to the legal definition of cities. …

Le président de l’Association des municipalités de banlieue de la région de Montréal, Peter Trent, et la première vice-présidente de l’Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ), Suzanne Roy, sont venus appuyer les propos des maires Coderre et Labeaume.  Également maire de Westmount, M. Trent soutient que Montréal doit avoir un statut particulier pour le bien-être de la région.  [Gras ajouté.]

The President of the Association of Suburban Municipalities of the Montreal Region, Peter Trent, and the First Vice-President of the Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ), Suzanne Roy, have come to support the statements of mayors Coderre and Labeaume.  Also Mayor of Westmount, Mr. Trent argues that Montreal must have special status for the well-being of the region.  [Bold added.]

What they are not telling you is that the mega-cities need all these new powers to do Communist planning.  Subscribe to this blog and you will find out why, I can’t put it all in one post.

Contrary to Coderre and Labeaume, these “responsibilities” still do not exist and do not need to exist, because the mega-mergers are unconstitutional, a subversive attack on small towns and villages to strip their self-government while using the forced acquisition of their soil as their pretext to steal the powers to go with the expanded region.

The mask is off Mr. Trent, con-man.  He claimed to “oppose” the mega-mergers.  Here, champions gassing up the mega-cities as international city-states by stealing the powers out of Parliament and the provincial Legislatures … precisely the aim of the Communist Parti-Québécois since the 1960s.  In the meantime, “special status” (filching the powers before the planned break-up) will get these new metro-behemoths on the road to the New World Order.

Note the new powers that the Mega-Cities now demand:  these powers belong to the Provincial Legislatures and to the federal Parliament in Ottawa.  In order to devolve these powers, CONFEDERATION will be destroyed.  The self-government of the Founding Peoples of Canada will be destroyed.  Reduced to a MINORITY on their own soil by mass immigration to create the Communist city-states, the Founders of Canada will find sympathy only from the likes of “former” Soviet Marxist and Latin-American revolutionary Ricardo Duchesne, who recently proposed (not too tongue-in-cheek) that we Founders accept minority status (free download) and use it to get ourselves some “rights” as such, under the 1982 coup d’état palmed off by communist Trudeau as our “Charter”.  Said Communist con-man Ricardo in his post “White Identity Politics Is Enshrined In Canada’s Constitution” (Wednesday, 18 May 2018):

“Group rights for Euro-Canadians [us “Whities”] are implicitly and logically enshrined in Canada’s legal system.  Insomuch as multiculturalism uses the language of collective rights to guarantee the cultural survival of “minority” groups, it follows that Euro-Canadians have a group right to use multiculturalism to “preserve” their identity as a group in Canada in the face of immigration patterns that are fast reducing them to a minority.  Why should minorities growing ever larger through relentless immigration enjoy both individual and group rights at the same time that Euro-Canadian members are excluded from enjoying any group rights as their heritage is destroyed?”

Yes, Ricardo, make it seem as though “relentless” immigration is uncontrolled and autonomous, and not at all one of the subject matters of Confederation over which the Founders have political sovereignty.  They can STOP it if they wake up from the trance induced by subversive imports like you pretending to love us!

In other words, heavily multi-racial Ricardo from Puerto Rico with the Hispanic accent would like us “White people” to renounce our nation-state, our glorious Parliament, our Provincial Legislatures our Self-government, our legal rights in ALL OF THIS, meaning OUR TRUE HERITAGE, and slide into pathetic, powerless, minority status in a multi-cultural world state.

Mr. Duchesne needs a lesson in constitutional law, and other lessons which I plan to give him.  Bear with me, my In-Box is currently piled high.  The con job of the century was “handed down” by Quebec Superior Court in April 2018 (Madam “Justice” Claude Dallaire officiating in gross conflict of interest), and I’m working on that, as well as everything else connected to this world-government overthrow of Canada.  My exposé on Ricardo is in development.

The Lord Black video above shows you how the super-capitalist CON-MEN and their Communist shills explain this massive, UNDEMOCRATIC, costly “megacity” with a de facto PARLIAMENT where LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT of all the towns, settlements and smaller cities in supposed to be, as guaranteed my friends, by Magna Carta –which means that Communist Guy Bertrand conveniently “lost” the de-merger case without ever pleading this legal and constitutional fact.

Which makes it very interesting that Communist Guy Bertrand who now advocates these international mega-city-states acted as the lawyer for the de-megers, in a case that was largely unsuccessful; and thus, a good look is required at how our courts are controlled to help Communists and super-capitalists destroy our nation-state.

Now, with the Montreal megacity up on wheels and having bright lights and tv coverage for its mere municipal elections, which are almost parliamentary in style, they just need to give it gas by BREAKING UP CANADA to make Montreal into a REAL “multicultural” anti-national, non-national, international city-state over federated self-governing ethnic enclaves ON THE SWISS CANTON MODEL, to permanently disenfranchise the Founding Peoples of Canada in Quebec of our self-government.  The same is to be done to ALL the provinces!  There will undoubtedly be a Communist Chinese “Swiss canton” in Richmond, B.C.!

The Parti Québécois created a series of mega-cities late in the year 2000; you may remember the big uproar over the loss of local government when outlying settlements, towns and villages were merged into the core big cities of Montreal, and Quebec City.  Mergers occurred in other areas.  Each mega-city or proto-mega-city is a “region”.  Quebec has 17 of these “regions” in different stages of development.

These new international city-regions are on the model of Moscow in the Soviet Union (as to powers and fiscal resources: I’m referring to Maurice Zeitlin in “Planning is Socialism’s Trademark” in a 1975 issue of the CPUSA’s Daily World) and will do coercive planning for “full employment” of the workforce in a system of “industrial democracy” called the “true heir to Karl Marx”, developed in Tito’s Communist Yugoslavia, beloved of Pierre Elliott Trudeau (who holidayed there with Margaret), René Lévesque and the Communist NDP.

The Quebec referendums are intended to break up Canada, decentralize all powers to the “secessionist authorities”, who then will transfer powers to the new international city-states.  But, ultimately, the Provincial Legislatures (ALL of them) will be eliminated as defunct, converting the Parliament in Ottawa to a continental and then to an hemispheric Communist government, essentially the headquarters of Moscow in the western hemisphere.  The ONE planning level required to successfully construct a communist plan will have been achieved:  the new international city-states.  And again, this is what the Communist PQ has been after since 1967, our 100th anniversary.  Communist, planned city-states.  That has been the target since well before 1967, I am currently studying the major Quebec French press of November-December 1962 when a massive Communist groundswell of activity against Canada began to be fully mobilized, and there is irrefutable evidence that Prime Minister John George Diefenbaker, a Freemason and a supposed conservative, was in league with “Her Majesty’s loyal opposition”, the federal liberals led by Soviet Agent Lester Bowles Pearson, and with Pierre Elliott Trudeau, a Communist at that time unknown to Canadians who master-minded that mobilization with fellow Communists as editors-in-chief of the major French press, and Communist rabble-rousers in the streets, including Trudeau’s own Marxist law student, Bernard Landry, future leader of the Communist PQ which created the de facto international city-states in November-December 2000.

There will be no going back.  Canada will be over.  Self-government will be gone.  English Canada will sink into oblivion.  French Canada will disappear.  Pierre Elliott Trudeau predicted that in April of 1962 in his article entitled “La Nouvelle Trahison des Clercs” (New Treason of the Clerics) for Cité Libre (his pro-Soviet magazine mislabeled “federalist” by our corrupt and incompetent press.)  By treason, Trudeau meant allegiance to the nation-state, allegiance to the constitution of the country.  In other words, Pierre had it backwards.

Multiculturalism for the City-States

The new international city-states will be smashed into ethnic enclaves, each given local law-making powers for ethnic purposes to keep it compliant.  That’s the reason for the mass immigration.  That’s why everyone on Earth is being dumped into Canada at high speed:  to do Communist, planned, multicultural city-states on the model of ethnic zones in the Soviet Union, which will be returning.  I have an interesting post coming up at my other blog, “NoSnowinMoscow”, also at  Subscribe and look for it:  “A Canadian Parallel:  Under The Soviet Rainbow by Louis Fischer (1944)”.

A Valid Oath is Required

If elected they cannot be sworn, if sworn they cannot vote valid laws

If elected they cannot be sworn, if sworn they cannot vote valid laws

A valid oath is required in Canada to sit in Parliament or a Legislature and vote valid laws. Action contrary to the Constitution is treason. Declared intent to dismantle Canada is prima facie  evidence of action contrary to the Constitution.

Declared intent to restructure Canada into a new union, whether a regional union, continental union, hemispheric union, or world union, is prima facie  evidence of action contrary to the Constitution.

Steps by stealth to accomplish these objectives are treason. All steps towards an illegal objective are illegal. They are an attempt to do covertly, or indirectly what cannot be done directly.

The Quebec referendums are an overt attempt to re­struc­ture Canada, on the pretense that French Canadians are unhappy in Canada and want “sovereignty”. However, it is not the French-Canadians who are unhappy with Canada back in the 1950s and 60s when the serious trouble appeared to start. Research confirms that not ethnic French-Canadians, but devout anti-ethnic Communists both inside and outside the Liberal Party, wanted to run Quebec by constructing a Communist Plan. That information comes to us from the 1972 manifesto of the Parti Québécois, in French only, addressed to the Party’s own far-left “militants”. It should be understood that the Parti Québécois was formed in 1968 on orders of three Marxists: Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Jean Marchand and Gérard Pelletier and their friends on a “secret committee” of Liberals in the Pearson cabinet, holding court on Friday nights at the business offices of Power Corporation. The PQ consisted at its creation of a merger of the Left and the Communist Far-Left in Quebec, under the camouflage of disconcerted former “Liberals”. However, it was the Quebec Liberals under Premier Jean Lesage in 1961, who first attempted to construct a Communist plan to run Quebec.  Moreover, Lester Bowles Pearson was a Soviet agent, exposed in the U.S. McCarran hearings and then to the FBI by Elizabeth Bentley, defecting from Soviet military intelligence.  Therefore, the Communist Parti Québécois was set up on orders of a communist-infested Liberal Party led by a Communist.

It is therefore not the ethnic French-Canadians who were unhappy in Canada, but the Communists who are using them as the pretext to dismantle Canada to pursue Communism. Quebec is being used as a tool to seize all powers out of the Parliament of Canada, and destroy the Provincial Legislature:  once the powers are in Communist hands, they will be transferred into the new international “city states”.

No person and no political party supporting action contrary to Confederation has any right to exercise political office. Such a person might be elected, if the people were ill informed; but he could not lawfully be sworn in. If he were sworn in, his oath would be void. No one can sit and vote laws under the lawful Constitution of this country if his oath is void. A void oath renders all his acts illegal, all his votes on laws void, and all his laws fraud.

If a political party gained power with intent to overthrow the Constitution it could not sit and vote “laws”. All of its laws would be void, because its members would not lawfully be in office, due to manifest intent to destroy the lawful Union of 1867: Confederation.

Moreover, any other political party whether federal or provincial, which supports the illegal actions of a “separatist” party, for example, is equally under void oaths. All of its votes for laws are also void and must be struck from the statute books as inadmissible. Traitors may not make law for Canada. Strangers may not sit in Parliament. Only duly elected members, duly meaning lawfully sworn in, are constitutionally entitled to make law for Canada.

No person and no party may oppose Confederation while seeking office within it. Separatism, anti-nationalism, republicanism, Communism, socialism, Fabianism, are not political options. They are violations of the lawful Constitution of Canada.

Any attempt to destroy or replace Confederation, by any means, including so-called “amendment” is treason. All action, including amendment, must conform to the purposes of our Constitution, as clear from the Long Title.

The Nature of Provincial Legislatures

The Provincial Legislatures are not merry-go-rounds that foreigners may ride, taking seats as they please. They are not tourist facilities. They are not miniature multicultural confederations. The Provincial Legislatures are the seats of self-government of the Founding Peoples of Canada. They are permanent legal jurisdictions created for the use of specific ethnic peoples:  Canada’s Founding Peoples.

The Provincial Legislatures are the only seats where the Founding Peoples may practice their cultures according to their own interests and their own institutions. Any “re-purposing” of our Legislatures therefore is unconstitutional and illegal.

Without our own governments, without our institutions, the Founding Peoples have nothing. It therefore makes no sense to give our Governments away to 200+ mass-immigrated foreign cultures who are not French Canadians and not Britanno Canadians, who are not even Europeans, and who do not share our cultures and our roots, do not value them, and will not join us in preserving them.

The Founding Fathers anticipated European and Euro-American immigration to Canada, not multicultural or polyethnic immigration. This is clear from the Debates of 1865. Their intent was to bring in people who were able and willing to join us without diluting our own cultures and ethnicity, which whether French or English-speaking, was and is uniquely British North-American, which gave the name to our lawful Constitution.

Canada’s National
Sovereignty is Indivisible

Furthermore, the national “Sovereignty” of Canada is not subject to a so-called “democratic” vote because Canada is not an American-style Republic. The American constitution vests the national sovereignty of that country in its people, who must exercise it according to their own constitution.

The national sovereignty of Canada is not vested in the people, but in the Sovereign. We are a monarchy, not a republic. The national sovereignty of Canada was vested in the Sovereign at Confederation, deliberately, because the Sovereign has no power to dispose of it. Referendums to seize that sovereignty are high treason. Authorizing referendums to seize it is high treason. Failing to stop referendums to seize it and other measures to dismantle and re-purpose Canada are high treason.

In 1880, Justice John Wellington GWYNNE of the Supreme Court of Canada correctly said:

Justice John Wellington GWYNNE of the Supreme Court of Canada

Justice John Wellington GWYNNE of the Supreme Court of Canada

The right of national sovereignty

In fact, the “monarchical principle” was the primary principle, the “leading feature” of Confederation for this very reason. Like the Long Title, the monarchical principle makes the Union of 1867 permanent. It prevents the dismantling of Canada into independent “sovereign” states otherwise known as a string of third-world banana republics.  The constitutional vesting of national sovereignty in the Crown perpetuates Confederation. The indivisible unity of Canada, the indivisible national sovereignty of Canada is ONE with the Sovereign. Canada therefore cannot be annexed, restructured, re-purposed or disintegrated.

To do so would dispose of national sovereignty and of the Sovereign, who cannot be disposed of, including by “amendment”. As first said above, constitutional amendment must be consistent with the statement in the Long Title, which governs all action, both federal and provincial.

Constitutional “Amendment”
Cannot Replace Confederation

A pretense of amendment to destroy Confederation is treason. Since the Long Title of the lawful Constitution requires ALL ACTION TO BE CONSISTENT with the purposes of the British North America Act, 1867, constitutional amendment must also conform to those purposes.

Constitutional amendment cannot be used to replace Confederation with a new system. It cannot be used to create a new and different Union, or a legislative Union (no internal borders, no distinct provincial peoples), or a new form of government.

Unlike an ordinary statute, the Constitution cannot be completely revised, fundamentally altered or repealed. Its institutions are permanent. The Founding Peoples and the Provinces cannot be eradicated. Their borders might be adjusted with their consent, but they cannot be eliminated.

The Long Title and the Preamble of the British North America Act, 1867 make it clear that the purpose of the Constitution of Canada is THIS Union, Con­fed­er­a­tion; and not any other union. Confederation is therefore permanent. In fact, it was designed in 1864-1867 as a War Measure to prevent the annexation of Canada to the USA, which is therefore another constitutional purpose of the British North America Act, 1867.

All governmental and legislative power, national and federal, is directed to apply solely “for purposes con­nec­ted therewith”; “ainsi que les objets qui s’y rat­tachent“.

There may be no constitutional “re-form“, no “re-fed­er­a­tion”, no annexation, no merger, no dis­so­lu­tion, no dis­mant­ling, no multiculturalism, no North Amer­i­can Union, no “re­struc­tur­ing”, no “Trans­at­lantic Hand­shake”, no West­ern Hemi­spheric union, and no planetary union, i.e. no World Government.

Confederation -versus- Communism

Which do you prefer?  Which will you fight for?  Will you give your children a real Parliament, self-government and a future?  Will you keep your children free?  Or will you hand over your children to the Communists, who are stealing your country and their future.


The Fathers of Confederation

Fathers of Confederation by John David Kelly, 1900-1925, Watercolour 48.5 cm. x 80.2 cm.”Fathers of Confederation by John David Kelly, 1900-1925, Watercolour 48.5 cm. x 80.2 cm.