Mass-immigration, Quebec Secession and the upcoming International Megacities: the Connection

Guy Bertrand's online ad via Le Soleil newspaper promotes a federation of city-states to replace Quebec as we know it.

Guy Bertrand’s online ad via Le Soleil newspaper promotes a federation of city-states
to replace Quebec as we know it.

Here’s another big reason they are unconstitutionally kissing mass-immigrant backside: we, the Founding Peoples of Canada, are DYING OUT, and will soon be GONE, so the big push is on to REPLACE us … And, notice that, in contrast, ISRAEL (search for it online) had a “demographic time bomb”, which its government REVERSED with free fertility treatments, and Israel is now child-rich and BOOMING. Russia had a similar problem, and now PAYS its women a large percentage of potential salaried wages to STAY HOME AND HAVE CHILDREN, to prevent the demise of Russia.

However, Jerry Grafstein, leading the Senate Grave-Digging Committee on the Founding Peoples of Canada, has declared that OUR time-bomb is “irreversible”…. obviously so that NOTHING has to be done about it, because … obviously, they want RID OF US (as will be more clear, below):

In addition, Jerry Grafstein was Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s federal election campaign manager, thus no doubt the reason for his Senate appointment.

Furthermore, it is not our DEMISE in our “demographic winter” (as the death of all WHITE countries is now being called, all of which are under mass third-world invasion) which is the origin of the Grafstein plan to take better care in replacing us by catering better to the immigrants.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau, in French in his April 1962 article, “New Treason of the Clerics”, PLANNED TO ELIMINATE US in order to bring in foreigners to replace us, and to restructure (re-federalize) the country. You can read my exclusive English translation here:

Here’s a quote from it:

[Pierre Trudeau] “As I said above: the concepts of State and of nation must be divorced, and make of Canada a truly pluralist and polyethnic society. Now for this, the different regions inside the Canadian State must be assured of a large measure of local autonomy, such that, by the experiment of self-government, the nationals may give themselves the laws and the institutions indispensable to the progress of their national values.”

Important things to notice in that paragraph:

1) “make of Canada a truly pluralist and polyethnic society”
2) “the different regions”
3) “the nationals may give themselves the laws and the institutions”.

Trudeau then goes on to state:

“These desideratas, it is precisely that the Canadian constitution is admirably conceived to give them A FRAMEWORK”.

What is a “desiderata”? My WordWeb dictionary says it is: “something desired as a necessity”.

Therefore, Mr. Trudeau is telling us that it is, for him (and we’d like to know who else that is behind him) OUR DEMISE is required to achieve his list of “necessities”. These “necessities” being mass immigration to recolonize Canada as “truly polyethnic”… and as we shall see… with each “national” immigrated group being given law-making power and territory … OUR power, OUR territory, to be acquired by our demise.

Back to point one: which shows you that Trudeau plans to DESTROY Confederation by mass-immigrating a completely new population.

Point two uses the word “regions”. That can have many meanings, but it has a very current meaning for Quebec City lawyer Guy Bertrand, a COMMUNIST like Pierre Trudeau, and a co-founder of the COMMUNIST Parti Quebecois.

Right now, Bertrand is calling for the “REGIONS” created by the PQ (while in power in November-December 2000), to attack the Quebec City provincial Legislature to force it to issue UDI (unilateral declaration of independence) in order to STEAL the legislative powers out of Parliament in Ottawa, and pool them with provincial powers… in order to DEVOLVE and DECENTRALIZE these power to the new “regions” inside Quebec (also forming elsewhere “inside Canada”). This is found in Bertrand’s 2014 French-only LIBERTY-NATION PROJECT, some of which I have put into English:

Here’s his French cover:

Note the upper-left margin, “APPEL AUX REGIONS” – (APPEAL TO THE REGIONS).

Here’s my English translation of his cover:

Notice that Bertrand wants to FEDERALIZE an independent Quebec of the “Regions”.

What are these “regions”? My research indicates, they are the basis of the future MULTICULTURAL, international city-states doing communist planning, and which NEED the powers all down at one level, the “region” level, to do that planning.

You won’t know it if you don’t read French; it may not even dawn on those who DO read French, but here is my English translation of Guy Bertrand’s online newspaper ad for his proposed restructuring of an independent Quebec into a Federation of City-States (Multicultural city-states):

Here is Bertrand’s AD in French for his proposed City-States:

Here is my translation of his ad for his proposed City-States, with my notes:

Now, let’s back-track a little. Trudeau in 1962 said: “the different REGIONS inside the Canadian State must be assured of a large measure of local autonomy, such that, by the experiment of self-government, the nationals may give themselves the laws and the institutions…”.

The word REGION is typically used by communists, by socialist planners. They don’t “see” national or provincial or municipal borders; they see “regions” or areas.

So, when Trudeau talks, first of all, it’s obvious that the “regions” are directly connected to the IMMIGRANTS, to be brought in, and whom Trudeau calls “the nationals”. So, the “REGIONS” are to be, obviously, MULTICULTURAL in nature.

Secondly, if you understand LAW, and how law works, LAW applies to TERRITORY. There has to be a defined territory within which law is implemented and enforced.

As to the Canadian territory: Confederation divided the subject-matters of legislation into two levels called the “DIVISION OF POWERS”. The federal level is at s. 91 for the most part; and the provincial level is at s. 92 for the most part. The PROVINCES, in Confederation, exclusively make laws for themselves, and for no one else! They are, in a sense, REGIONS with boundaries that confine their laws to their own territories.

Now, in Confederation, Canada is divided into ETHNIC regions, each Province being the HOMELAND of a founding ethnic majority. (This is clear from the 1865 Debates on Confederation; I’ve read them; bet you haven’t, it’s over 1,000 pages of fine print! Amazing what’s in there. In many ways, the keys to your national rights and existence!)

These Canadian ethnic Founding majorities, each in its own provincial Legislature: “give themselves the laws and the institutions indispensable to the progress of THEIR national values”.

Therefore, when Trudeau later says “These desideratas, it is precisely that the Canadian constitution is admirably conceived to give them A FRAMEWORK” — he means he plans to USE the idea of federal-ISM employed to create Confederation — to restructure and recolonize and DESTROY Confederation for NEW ethnic groups, each of which is to be given TERRITORY (that belongs to US, the FOUNDERS), on which to make local LAW for their own benefit.

You have no idea how illegal, unconstitutional and apocalyptic this really is.

You have no idea how illegal, unconstitutional and apocalyptic this really is.

The territory of a Province defines the physical boundaries of its LOCAL constitution and its local law-making and institutions.

In order to do what Trudeau plans to do in article in April of 1962 — and IT IS BEING DONE, OBVIOUSLY! — requires the CHOPPING UP OF EVERY PROVINCE OF CANADA to hand out territory to each of the mass-immigrated ethnic groups …. OUR territory, of which we are NOW being dispossessed by the very presence of these people here. (It’s not their fault; it’s ours, for not knowing our law, and for trusting our criminal politicians.)


But Trudeau, in this article in 1962, NECESSARILY plans to CHOP UP each and every province to give the mass-immigrated “nationals” the power to make LAWS for their own “national values” on chunks of OUR TERRITORY to be handed over to them.

Because you cannot make LAW without territory to apply it to.

There is NO territory in Canada that is not already taken, that does not already BELONG to one of the Founding Peoples of this country. THEREFORE, to carry out the Trudeau plan, WE MUST BE ELIMINATED. And we are being eliminated. We are now DYING OUT from sub-replacement fertility levels, and we will cease to exist very soon, unless we reverse it.

Comment – Part 2

Now, where are the mass immigrated foreigners congregating?

They are concentrating in the megacities. By megacities, I mean the big cities in Canada, and in particular those in Ontario and Quebec and the Maritimes that have already been subjected to forced mergers to create giant megacities.

You can check out quite easily the fact that the foreigners are congregating in our cities. Our Canadian cities, our British North American cities, have been rapidly LOST to us, the Founders, as they have been stuffed full of mass immigrants by illegal, unconstitutional immigration for the unconstitutional purpose of ERADICATING our country and our constitution to build something else.

These Cities — already converted to Megacities in many cases (by the passing of illegal laws that need to be challenged) — and given the plan to endow each “national” or mass-immigrated ethnic group LAW-making power — are necessarily to be CHOPPED UP into ethnic REGIONS.

In other words, each megacity will be composed of federated cantons of FOREIGN neighborhoods. That is the future international city-state intended to replace our Provinces, our Confederation.

The megacity “REGIONS” are also to be “federated”, as is clear from the plan of Guy Bertrand; but in my view, the ultimate aim is NOT to have these megacities federated within i.e.., the independent State of Quebec, or the independent State of Ontario, or the independent State of Maine …. No, the goal is to ELIMINATE the Canadian provinces, and the American States, leaving ONLY the megacity “REGIONS” federated in i.e., the North American REGION, i.e., the NORTH AMERICAN UNION. There will then be a REGIONAL “government” over all the city-states, first on a continental basis, then for the whole hemisphere. My good guess, given the BILLIONS spent on renovating OUR Parliament in Ottawa, is that our Parliament will be Headquarters of regional government over the city-states in the western hemisphere; and that further to that, there will be similar regional governments elsewhere; and ALL will be …. under ISRAEL, with world government headquarters out of JERUSALEM. You think I’m talking through my hat? Jacques Attali has already published on the subject and been interviewed on TV about having JERUSALEM as the world capital, and headquarters of the world government. Who is Jacques Attali? He’s deemed sufficiently important that the QUEBEC BAR REVIEW (law magazine) interviewed him in 2010, and I have translated that interview into English:

And what did he say? See page 2; he said:

“A New World Order is taking shape, based on the economy, and the law must necessarily give it a framework. At any rate, a recasting of the role of lawyers is unavoidable.”

So, the Quebec Bar Review has quoted Attali using that famous phrase of “conspiracy theorists”: “New World Order”. … Maybe it’s not really …. a NON-conspiracy?

Here’s a general search for Attali on Jerusalem, and world government:

Now, it looks to me, from my reading, that the plan for the city-states is to be something like Swiss cantonization. OUR NATION, OUR PARLIAMENT, OUR PROVIINCIAL LEGISLATURES are to be destroyed and replaced by multi-ethnic city-states in which the mass-immigrated “nationals” have CANTON-like territories in which to make LAW as it suits them.

Now, all you need to know is that Pierre Elliott Trudeau was on a secret committee of communists sponsored by the communist-loving Power Corporation of Canada in 1967, which ordered RENE LEVESQUE to set up the COMMUNIST Parti Quebecois to run the referendums to DISMANTLE CANADA… NOT to liberate the poor oppressed French Canadians, but to create the opportunity in post-referendum “negotiations” for ALL OF CANADA to be dismantled on the model proposed for Quebec by Guy Bertrand: dismantled and decentralized into multicultural city-states… doing COMMUNIST planning, by the way.

I in fact have PROOF garnered from the pages of the major French Quebec press in November-December 1962 that the federal government of Canada under Freemason John George Diefenbaker, in criminal collusion with Soviet Agent Lester Bowles Pearson, and other communists and socialists, COLLUDED with Pierre Elliott Trudeau and all of Pierre’s red pals in 1962 to organize and execute a deliberately seditious sequence of events designed to TURN THE FRENCH CANADIANS in Quebec against the “rest of Canada” so they could call a referendum and break it all up. So, the plan to break up Canada goes back a long way. And probably much further.

We are not living our “history”; we are being manipulated by stage-managed Punch and Judy shows for pruposes other than those claimed at the time we are lied to.

So, that’s SOME of the real truth about what’s happening to Canada. It’s territory is being deliberately recolonized, repopulated, restructured, decentralized, and SOVIETIZED. Canada is being TERMINATED.

Follow my blogs. These are research blogs, not vague opinion blogs. I back my work up with free downloads and references:

By the way, for CANADA to survive, as founded, we, the Founding Peoples of Canada, majority white-race, must IMMEDIATELY have a minimum of THREE children per family. Anything less, and in twenty years from now, the snowball going downhill to our destruction will have shrunk, not gained in size, and we shall be gone, and likewise, Confederation. THAT IS THE REAL CURRENT EMERGENCY.

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