Maxwell Cohen, Dean of Law (McGill 1968) on “White People” (with Credits)

This video was provoked by an extraordinarily racist article in a Canadian LAW MAGAZINE by an overtly anti-white racist Jew by the name of Maxwell Cohen.  He taught law at McGill and became Dean of Law shortly after he published this.

Cohen’s December 1968 article in the Canadian Bar Review (Volume 46 No. 4) is entitled “Human Rights:  Programme or Catchall?  A Canadian Rationale”.  You can search for it here, put the words “Programme or Catchall” in quotes in the “title” search field:


/ p. 555

“The third element that has caused this rise in the volume and variety of international and domestic interest [in “human rights”] relates to the issue just referred to, although it has its own unique quality; it is the confrontation of colour.  Nothing at this time perhaps is more dramatic—apart from the constant terror of living with nuclear weapons with their total threat to the species — than the coming back to the stage of contemporary history of the majority of man­kind who for the most part, in the Afro-Asian colonies of the seventeenth to early twentieth centuries lay dormant, waiting for some kind of stimulus which would re-awaken what might be their “national”, ethnic or cultural capacities.  The white population on this planet is now seen to be a minority, politically and numeri­cally, an important minority, but still only a minority.  It must now accommodate and adjust itself to the great non-white majority.  That fact involves massive psychological changes for the privileged whites in their relationships with the remainder of mankind.  This confrontation is now taking place in subtle ways, and in some cases not so subtle, from the civil rights movement in the United States to the chronic United Nations concern over apartheid— indeed, everywhere in the world.  That confrontation may be hav­ing effects on the level of conscience with which men approach many matters, for basic questions about colour which involve equally rude questions about human equality cannot be asked without raising the whole issue of the hierarchy of race relation­ships in the world which have operated up to the present time.

A fourth element is what often is called the “revolution of rising expectations”.  It applies both to affluent, or more de­veloped societies, as well as less developed ones, and it holds that there is a new level of expectations whether in a “socialist” state or a “welfare” state or in a developing country.

/ 556

Consider the concern in Canada with the problem of poverty in an other­wise affluent society.  This is equally true and even more dramatic in the United States, by far the richest assemblage of assets, productive skills and gross national product mankind has ever known.  For this anxiety about the “poor” in the United States is one which expresses some notion of equality, the right to share.  This “right to share” involves some conception as to the ap­propriate level of expectations, a minimum standard for all.  And that standard now is not merely a national conception; it is trans­national and invites the “extraordinary” adjustments which are now taking place, not merely in this confrontation of colour but in that other and parallel accident of human history wherein the white minority happens to be the affluent part of mankind and the non-white the non-affluent majority.  Both must accommodate themselves to this new period of rising expectations with all of the rights and duties and burdens which ultimately must lead to new levels of international conscience.  This relation of affluence to colour is one of the permanent and dominant facts of planetary life as far ahead as mankind can see, with unpredictable effects on con­science, particularly the conscience of the affluent white societies whose income and technology grow so swiftly while that of non-white mankind advances so slowly.

/ 563

Yet it is important to be aware that the capacity to be “racist”, to somehow look with fear or contempt upon others who are different is not something that was known only to Nazi Germany.  It is a quality of which all mankind is capable, the darker side of human character.”

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The achievements and general affluence of white people are not an “accident of history”.  They are the fruit of our capacities and our labors.  We owe no apologies to anyone for our achievements.  White people have no reason to “accommodate” or “adjust to” others who have not used their own capacities or who have not labored, or are said to be moving “too slowly” toward “affluence”.  All peoples should have the level of civilization they are able to achieve by themselves, and maintain independently of others.

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