Alliance of the Founding Peoples of Canada has joined GAB.  Pay us a visit!  Join us!

GAB is the new free-speech alternative to Twitter

GAB is the new free-speech alternative to Twitter. Come join the Alliance in GAB.

It isn’t quite clear to me yet what GAB is because somehow it’s been all twiddled up (how or why, who knows) with Mastodon, an apparently nastier anti-white racist version of Twitter.

It seems that Mastodon has denounced GAB as a bunch of ― what’s that old cliché again?  Oh, yeah:  “Nazis” ― but that somehow, because of the technology, there isn’t much they can do about policing GAB.  Of course, when the left says “Nazi” they are denouncing normal, self-governing homogeneous races of people who naturally form nation-states with common interests and achievements.

According to VERGE, an outraged Mastodon user, opposed to the tie-up with GAB, alleged:  “Gab has inspired mass shooters and murders”.  Isn’t it astonishing how blissfully un-self-aware the absolute Left really is?  It’s the LEFT that has inspired the worst mass murders in history, 100,000,000 and counting in the name of Communism and Bolshevism, not to forget the violent theft of Palestine and the ongoing mass-murders there.

GAB has a free service and a paid service.  I’d be very open to paying, but not if it’s going to be another Twitter, and not if after I pay, GAB somehow gets shut down.  So, let’s wait awhile and see.

In the meantime, the Alliance is trying out GAB.

Does anyone know what’s going on with GAB and Mastodon?  Please post a comment and let us know.  Thank you!