Our Objectives

– Recover the lawful Constitution of British North America
– Restore lawful government
– Halt illegal mass immigration and multiculturalism
– Educate the Founding Peoples of Canada
– Bring the Aboriginal Peoples into Confederation
– Implement lawful Constitutional amendments to enhance
our ethnic federation

Canada had a coup d’état in 1982; the “patriation” is void.  We are going to throw it out and take back our country.  All government under a coup constitution is unlawful and a usurpation.

1867 La Vraie Constitution The Real Constitution

ALLIANCE self-government, l'autodétermination

ALLIANCE, LA VRAIE CIBLE :  2 million d'étrangers renvoyés par 2020.  AHMED HUSSEN, Ministre du génocide canadien.

ALLIANCE, THE REAL TARGET:  2 million foreigners <u>OUT</u> by 2020.  AHMED HUSSEN, Minister of Canadian Genocide.