The Objects of the Alliance

The objects of the Alliance

The objects of the Alliance of the Founding Peoples of Canada are (without limitation):

  1. to recover the lawful Constitution: the British North America Act of 1867, the source of our self-government; and the Parliament and Legislatures for which the lawful Writs have been suppressed since 1982, for the “Charter” is (i) inoperable and (ii) a coup d’état 1;

  2. to implement a detailed Census of the country without delay.

  3. to repatriate humanely the foreigners who are here without our say-so and who manifestly are unable or unwilling to adopt the culture and insti­tutions of British North America; and this because “multiculturalism” is not a “policy” but a new constitution, and the mass-immigration to achieve it is unlawful;

  4. to urgently increase the demographics of the constituent peoples on our own soil to secure our survival; our situation must be grave, as we have been targeted by the UN (who elected them?) with “replacement mi­gra­tion”;

  5. to lawfully amend the British North America Acts to implement the Eleventh Principle (“73rd Resolution”):  the reunification of New France at the federal level;

  6. to encourage the accession of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada to Confederation as an Aboriginal province;

  7. to lawfully amend the British North America Acts to implement Gov­ern­ment School as a special exception to the rule of “exclusive” local control of education.

  8. to widely implement Constitutional education in our local, provincial school systems;

  9. to prosecute usurpers and traitors to the full extent of the law, and to recover damages from them wherever possible;

1 One of the perpetrators of the coup admitted the coup in public and in writing within months after it happened.  See:  “The Patriation and Legit­i­macy of the Canadian Constitution“, being the text of a pair of Cronkite Lec­tures delivered to the College of Law at the University of Sas­katchewan in October of 1982.

In his said lectures, Barry Lee Strayer flattered himself with the titles of Q.C. and Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Law) in the post-coup Department of Justice (Canada).  However, usurpers have no titles.