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Confederation Reading List

Confederation history forms the framework and the reason (or purposes) for the passing of the British North America Act of 1867.  Statutes, including the Constitution, are considered to be “remedies” for “ills” of the body politic.  To understand the issues and the context of Confederation, and thus the “ills” the Constitution was passed to remedy, explore the history.

Then you will begin to understand the constitutional law that has been passed, and the often controversial court judgments and opinions claiming to interpret the Constitution.

The History

– Confederation; or, The political and parliamentary history of Canada, from the Conference at Quebec, in October, 1864, to the
Admission of British Columbia, in July, 1871, by John Hamilton Gray (a Father of Confederation):
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– Parliamentary Debates on the Subject of the Confederation of the British North American Provinces, 3rd Session, 8th Provincial
Parliament of Canada, Hunter Rose, 1865.
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– Les Débats en français :

– Débats parlementaires sur la question de la Confédération des provinces de l’Amérique britannique du Nord :  3e session du Parlement provincial du Canada Hunter, Rose et Lemieux, 1865.
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– How Canada is Governed:  A Short Account of its Executive, Legislative, Judicial and Municipal Institutions with an Historical Outline of Their Origin and Development by Sir John George Bourinot, 1837-1902 (Published 1902)
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– The Life And Times Of Confederation 1864 – 1867:  Politics, Newspapers and the Union of British North America by P.B. Waite
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– Canada During the Victorian Era [microform]:  A Historical Review by Sir John George Bourinot, John George, 1837-1902; Royal Society of Canada (Published 1897)
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– Governor General’s Award-winning historian, J.M.S. Careless:
Canada A Story Of Challenge
by J. M. S. Careless (Published 1963)
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The Law

– A short treatise on Canadian constitutional law by A. H. F. Lefroy (Augustus Henry Frazer), 1852-1919; with an historical introduction by W.P.M. Kennedy (William Paul McClure), 1879-1963:
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– Documents Of The Canadian Constitution 1759-1915, by W.P.M. Kennedy:
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– Leading Cases in Canadian Constitutional Law
by A. H. F. (Augustus Henry Frazer) Lefroy, 1852-1919; McWilliams, R. F. (Roland Fairbairn), 1874-
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– The Constitution of Canada [microform]
by Munro, J. E. C. (Joseph Edwin Crawford), d. 1896; Canada. British North America Act; Great Britain. Laws, etc. (Published 1889, Cambridge Press)
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– Parliamentary Procedure and Practice in the Dominion of Canada
by Sir John George Bourinot, 1837-1902; Flint, Thomas Barnard, 1847- ed. (1916 edition)
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Supplementary reading:

– New Lies For Old The Communist Strategy Of Deception And Disinformation By Anatoliy Golitsyn 1984 [blackatk]
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– The Perestroika Deception by Anatoliy Golitsyn
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