The Founding Peoples:  Who We Are

We are British North Americans! The REAL Canadians!

We are British North Americans! The REAL Canadians! No bags, no veils, no foreign ideologies, no cultural Marxism. We love our men, our families and our country! We will not die out!

We are the builders of our nation, the legitimate heirs and descen­dants of the original Founders of British North America whose legal name is Canada.

We are the direct descendants of the original constituent peoples who were ethnic majorities at the time of Confederation.  In addi­tion, we are their cultural heirs and descendants by choice.

Those of us who made the voyage later, who admire and adopt as our own the British and the French-Canadian institutions of Canada, are also the cultural heirs of the British North America Act of 1867.

Together, we constitute and defend our Confederation.